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RDR writer checks out "online business" seminar; leaves baffled, skeptical

Olivier Rey / Red Dirt Report
Karl Noons speaking to the attendees at the MOBE workshop in Oklahoma City.
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NORMAN, Okla. – Curious about a so-called MOBE workshop in Oklahoma City that my wife alerted me to, I decided to check it out for myself.

And what I found out is that the six-year old MOBE, or "My Own Business Education" program was created with the goal of assisting people in the building of an online business.

Founder Matt Lloyd, an Australian, focuses MOBE on targeting small businesses owners who want to increase their monthly income. Who can take part? Anyone who is willing to sit at home in front of their computer and someone who looks to make a lot of money in a short time. These potential MOBE-minded folks can potentially become an affiliate.

I learned that MOBE attracts its new clients by proposing a potential income for one who will adopt MOBE’s method.

After first getting involved, I received an email I which promised income over $3,000 a week. The second email gave a higher number over $15,000 per commission and the third email gave the astonishing number of $151,700 a month. Difficult to resist such attractive offers.

Many people are wondering: 'Is MOBE a scam?'

If we check the various definitions available concerning the word scam, such as a fraudulent or dishonest scheme. MOBE is not a scam, but rather a company that appears to sell overpriced products that one could easily find online for free or cheaper.

To give one a rough estimate, a MOBE affiliate can get a commission between 50 to 90 percent for each sale they make.

Are you still not convinced? The best way is to go check to their free workshop and see by yourself, something I did earlier this week at an event held at the Hilton Garden Inn Bridgetown in Oklahoma City.


The first problem encountered and contrary, as announced in the first email I received, Lloyd, the founder of MOBE, was not present. Instead, the speaker of the day was Karl Noons, a successful real estate agent as he liked to say during the seminar. He should not be confused with Karl James Noons, a professional mixed-martial artist.

Thanks to Linkedin one can learn that Noons is an accomplished platform speaker skilled in the art of persuasion and board certified hypnotherapist. The right man for the job: push one to buy MOBE’s product, a three-day long seminar costing $997.

On Noons Linkedin web page, nothing indicates that he is working for MOBE, meaning that Noons is only present as an intermediate who will get commissioned on the sales.

Noons' technique was simple; he did not allow any one to ask a question during the two hours. He made sure that everyone agreed to his discourse. He also made the ones who did not plan to purchase the seminar feel guilty while allegedly providing fake secrets on how to become rich. And it worked for a many in the room.

Two people, perhaps a couple, who were well-dressed came in the middle of the workshop to seat in the back just behind me. They were the first to stand up and go purchase their tickets for the seminar. As if that was not strange enough, five minutes later a dozen of attendees stood up at the same time to go buy their tickets. Was this a set up to push others to buy the ticket?  Or mind manipulation? Anything is possible.

Others in the room who remained seated seemed skeptical and started leaving one after another while Noons was still trying to convince them to purchase the seminar.

At the end of the two hours of the workshop -- composed of 60 people from various genders, races, and ages – at least 20 of them bought the $997 seminar without knowing that it was only the first step to more spending into MOBE universe.

Attendees rushing to register for the three-day seminar. (Olivier Rey/Red Dirt Report)

A total of six workshops were proposed in Oklahoma this week with sales of about $20,000 per workshop, MOBE has probably made over $120,000 in three days. And this is exactly how MOBE is making money by selling its various products. Then when this it is not enough, one is encouraged to sell directly MOBE’s products to others.

As if it wasn’t enough, there were no refreshments offered to attendees during the two hours- no water, no tea, no coffee, not even any cookies. It was surprising, especially if they wanted someone to shell out $1,000.

But now that I think about it, perhaps no refreshments were offered because they did not want anyone to be distracted, so they could more easily manipulate their minds.


Only one good thing can be retained from this workshop, as Noons said, "If you want to make money you have to work hard and be perseverant."

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