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The Baker Mayfield Curve

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OKLAHOMA CITY - College students want to have everything handed to them, according to a recent study conducted by the Center for Professional Excellence at York College of Pennsylvania.

The study titled “2012 Professionalism on Campus,” revealed nearly two-thirds (64.4%) of the 415 college and university faculty surveyed believes there is an increase in students with a sense of entitlement. The study defined entitlement as “expecting rewards without putting in the work or effort to merit the rewards. It appears students are inclined to agree with those numbers—for the most part.”

A petition currently posted at is a case in point. Hannah O’Brien, a student at the University of Oklahoma, has petitioned school president David Boren to shave six points off students’ final exams in honor of Baker Mayfield winning the Heisman Trophy last week.

The plea is titled, “Urgent Message Regarding the Baker Mayfield Curve.”

“Dear President Boren and Faculty Members,” the petition begins. “We, as students, believe in the power of the spirit winning the Heisman trophy brings to this university. This power unites us and makes us proud to call the sooner family our home.”

Ms. O’Brien failed to capitalize the word “Sooner.”

Let us continue: “This monumental moment within the history of this university deserves to be celebrated. With that being said, we, as students, would like to petition for each professor neath’ this western sky to gift a 6 point curve toward each final exam in honor of the father of this university’s jersey number, #6.”

Does O’Brien want to honor Baker’s daddy, James?

O’Brien also incorrectly placed the apostrophe in the wrong place talking about the western sky, which refers to a line in the university’s chant. The official line reads “’Neath a western sky.”

Ms. O’Brien didn’t care to put in the work or effort to have someone check her grammatical errors. Okay, okay, I’m nitpicking, but that’s just the journalist in me. Let’s get back to the petition.

“We appreciate your consideration and desperately hope you will preserve the spirit of Sooner Magic. Live On University, and may the natty be ever in our favor. Respectfully, The Student Body of The University of Oklahoma.”

Natty is the new lingo for a national championship.

This appeal to shave the grades of all OU students final exams reminded me of a George Carlin stand up routine a few years ago, where the comedian talked about the problems of education in America.

“That’s the big answer for everything…education,” Carlin said. “That we need more money for education. We need more books, more teachers, more classrooms, more schools. We need more testing for the kids. We’ve tried all that, and the kids still can’t pass the tests.”

He noted that administrators and teachers would “lower the passing grades” to satisfy people.

“That’s what they do in a lot of these schools now—they lower the passing grades so more kids can pass. The more kids pass, the school looks good…everybody’s happy. The IQ of the country slips another two or three points, and pretty soon all you’ll need to get into college is a fucking pencil.

“Then everyone wonders why 17 countries graduate more scientists that we do.”

O’Brien’s petition currently has reached two-thirds of her goal of 5,000 signatures.

Here are some responses of signers to the petition:

“OU is a great college for the state of Oklahoma,” said Patricia K. Strickland. “These young college students could use a 6 point curve for GPA. Having the Heisman winner for the state of Oklahoma. I do agree 6 points is like scoring a touch down for every students.”

Bryce Barker wrote, “I’m signing because I believe in Christmas miracles.”

“College is hard but rewarding and 6 points could go long way!” scribed Kayce Bullock.

“Baker is daddy and daddy makes the rules,” wrote Alex Evanko.

Carlin, who passed away nine years ago, must be rolling in his grave.

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