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"UFO Secrecy and the Fall of J. Robert Oppenheimer" by Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D

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BOOK REVIEW: UFO Secrecy and the Fall of J. Robert Oppenheimer by Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D (Black Mesa Press) 2009

Recently, Red Dirt Report reviewed UFOs and the Murder of Marilyn Monroe, an interesting book by a Roswell, N.M.-based ufologist named Dr. Donald R. Burleson. The title, of course, is attention-grabbing for sure, as is the title of Burleson’s 2009 book UFO Secrecy and the Fall of J. Robert Oppenheimer.

While Oppenheimer – world-renowned physicist and  the father of the atomic bomb – had shown interest in Communism in the 1930’s, as had many Americans during the hard years of the Great Depression, he had disavowed that passing political fancy and solely focused on the Manhattan Project and developing the atom bomb, which would be first detonated at the Trinity Site in New Mexico on July 16, 1945.

A brilliant man and an expert in the ancient Sanskrit language. Upon witnessing that first atomic explosion in the New Mexico desert, Oppenheimer recalls thinking of a line from Hindu scripture, from the Bhagavad Gita: “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.”

So, while “Oppie” was considered an American hero at the end of World War II, following the shocking use of two atomic bombs in Japan, less than a decade later he was being hounded by red-baiting government officials who chose to revoke his security clearance, based on flimsy evidence regarding Communist sympathies and preposterous notions about him doubting “the wisdom” of developing the hydrogen bomb.

But was there something more afoot? Why all the fuss by the U.S. government? Was Oppenheimer simply caught up in the anti-communist fever and McCarthyism that was gripping America in the mid-1950’s, or was it something more?

Burleson suggests it was definitely something more – and it had to do with the flying saucer reality.

Burleson, who served in an Air Force intelligence unit in the 1960's, offers up some rather shocking information – that Oppenheimer was involved in not one, but two, UFO crash retrieval operations near Roswell, N.M. in 1947 and near Aztec, N.M. in 1948. This included dead alien bodies, according to some reports.

"He ended up in army crates, and photographs in files" ("Motorway to Roswell" by The Pixies, 1991, a song that is exactly 4:40.)

Oppenheimer is said - via top-secret meetings of a President Harry S. Truman-crafted group allegedly called Majestic 12 or MJ-12, considered a hoax by many in the UFO investigation community -to have been a part of these operations to offer his professional analysis of the recovered technology aboard the crashed saucer.

For all we know, Oppie may indeed have been making a fuss in confidential circles about the UFO propulsion systems and insisting that they be emulated and used.” But, as Burleson notes, a new form of energy, developed for public use, would spell utter catastrophe for the oil companies and that couldn’t be allowed to happen. The conspiracy was developing and Oppenheimer had to be silenced. He knew too much. So, he was essetially discredited.

Burleson is obviously very passionate about exposing government secrecy regarding the issue of UFOs. And in this book, as he did in the earlier Marilyn Monroe book, wants to repair the damage done to Oppenheimer's reputatio, writing, "One can judge, nonetheless, that the government's treatment of Oppie was, in any real ethical sense, profoundly and inexcusably wrong. A wrong that unfortunately can never be made right.

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