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"Mysterious Oklahoma" a great and spooky book for Halloween season (or any time of year!)

Little Bruce
"Mysterious Oklahoma" was written by Oklahoma author David A. Farris and originally released in 1995.
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BOOK REVIEW: Mysterious Oklahoma: Eerie True Tales from the Sooner State by David A. Farris (Little Bruce) 1995

It was 20 years ago when true mysteries writer David A. Farris, who lives here in Oklahoma City, released his first book Mysterious Oklahoma. I remember picking it up at a Borders bookstore some years ago.

I mention it because even 20 years later, Farris’s book is a great one to pick up and read during the weeks before and after Halloween. Did you know both the Gilcrease Museum and Brady Theater, both in Tulsa, are believed to be haunted? Or what of the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie or Ghost Hollow near Cushing?

It was in this book, under the first chapter – “Ancient Okies and Prehistoric Tourists” – that Farris notes the 1969 story of the foundation of an allegedly ancient structure found at 122nd and Broadway Extension in Edmond, a story Red Dirt Report followed up on here.

Farris does a good job at taking readers down the mid-20th century history of UFO sightings in Oklahoma and in a subsequent chapter reminds us of a UFO flap over Ottawa County in northeastern Oklahoma.The flap lasted less than a week.

The strange lights in and around Miami were “seen by hundreds of witnesses,” writes Farris.

Interestingly, Ottawa County is on the Missouri border and that area, along the border, is home to the well-known “Spook Light,” which I investigated and observed in March 1995, the same year Farris’s book was released. I have more recently written about the oddities along this border area, which is on the 94-degrees west longitude, noting the strange things surrounding railroad-building visionary Arthur Edward Stilwell and why he chose to build his railroad where he did. (Stilwell, Oklahoma is named after him). 

And there is a chapter on “Spook Lights,” interestingly enough. And there is also coverage of the crop circle phenomena, which hit big in the early 1990's. And Oklahoma's "wavin' wheat" was not spared of paranormal activity, as Farris notes, with crop circles appearing in June 1991 in Oklahoma, with reports coming from Edmond, Fargo and Norman, and with coverage by an intrepid reporter at the Oklahoma Gazette. Strange electromagnetic energy was noted. 

David A. Farris's Mysterious Oklahoma even features a map, pointing out where "spooky" things have been reported over the years. Note many along eastern border or 94-degrees west longitude. (Little Bruce)

And Farris doesn't stop there, pursuing info on cattle mutilations (1992 was a big year for that in Oklahoma), alien abductions, mysterious "big cats," and of course Bigfoot. 

On the topic of Bigfoot, Farris notes the work of my cryptozoological friend Loren Coleman (he writes at Twilight Language) and his investigations into Bigfoot. And Oklahoma has had its fair share of sightings over the years, particularly in the southeastern portion of the state. 

This is a great book, particularly for folks otherwise unfamiliar with the cornucopia of high weirdness that the Sooner State has experienced over the decades. Perhaps Farris will consider an updated version, since a lot of strange things have happened in the state since 1995. 

Farris, I should note, has writen other books in the intervening years, including: More Mysterious Oklahoma; Oklahoma Outlaw Tales; and Oklahoma Outlaws, Spooky Stories and All Around Folklore

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