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"The Memphis UFO Incident Feb 2015" by Lee Spencer is reviewed by RDR

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BOOK REVIEW: The Memphis UFO Incident February 2015 by Lee Spencer (eBook/Kindle) 2015

In the foreword to this fairly quick and intriguing read – The Memphis UFO Incident February 2015 – is interesting in that whatever happened in this fairly rural area east of Memphis, seven FedEx employees encountered something highly unusual one night and it perplexed them to no end.

“As a small but growing suburb of Memphis, Collierville, Tennessee is still a pretty quiet community for most of us. Or, better said, it was. It was at least until we were confronted with lucid and undeniable events in our skies and, a few minutes later on land, on the 1st of February 2015.”

Described by author Lee Spencer at “seven rational and lucid men,” the eyewitnesses to this strange event all work in different areas of FedEx (pilots, lawyers, loadmasters – professionals) and are friends. It was while holding a party in the early morning hours (they work late) to celebrate the purchase of a new home that the incident took place, nearly three months ago.

Spencer (not his real name) notes off the bat that all seven men (pseudonyms are used to protect their jobs and families – at least for now) agreed that reporting this incredible incident was “a matter of social and national responsibility” and that because they didn’t know what they were encountering, that letting others know about could protect them if they were to encounter it as well.

Spencer adds; “(I)t was the sheer amount of physical, video footages, and pictures we collected … (and) the chemical analysis of the site, part of which is still under investigation” that makes it so important that people know about it.

Clearly, Spencer wasted little time in reporting the 2/1/15 UFO sighting, which uses narratives from each eyewitness, along with counter-narratives to double back on stories to see if they match in what each person recollected that night on the back patio of FedEx pilot “Jim Brigman.”

Brigman’s new home had CCTV security cameras on the outside, Spencer noted that it was aircraft engineer “Earl Sexton” who first observed the “red-yellowish luminosity” coming their direction from the northeast. Looking at a Google Maps image of the Wright Road area on Collierville’s eastern outskirts, there is not much out there, but streams, forest and wildlife.

As the object (what they would call “airborne objects” or simply “AO’s”) approached their patio, the stunned men began to see that the object was actually three bodies in one and was about 230 feet above ground level and 300 yards from the patio. Along with the light, Spencer writes, there was also a sensation of heat. And in their minds, he notes, all of them hd a “feeling of human impotency,” because they knew they could do nothing but sit there. But they couldn’t stand the heat any longer, Spencer wrote, noting it had risen to as high as 120 degrees in a matter of minutes. Fleeing into the house, the men regained their composure and decided they needed to figure out what they were dealing with.

The lights remained, about 20 feet above the ground, bathing the rural home in a glow. After a few minutes, he writes, the “fear” began to settle in amongst the men, as they were “witnessing an event we were not prepared for” and they were a fair distance from police or fire or help.

Still, they are curious enough to go out an investigate further (this, after they discover that those who had cell phones on them out on the patio discovered that they were damaged and inoperable) and two teams look for a landing site, which is later discovered, this, after the lights vanish as one man, “James Cantrell,” walks towards the light, not unlike Travis Walton did in that famous Arizona UFO incident in November 1975, later featured in the film Fire in the Sky (1993).

So, what did these seven FedEx employees see out there in the Tennessee woods, near the Wolf River, east of Collierville? Well, Spencer claims that they do have evidence – 101 minutes of video, 156 pictures and 14 minutes of audio of the incident. Who will see it first and who will examine it is not clear. They insist this thing was evidence of a power as yet unknown.

In the meantime, The Memphis UFO Incident February 2015 is a captivating read put together by professionals – all of whom served in the military – who want the truth to come out. I think some diagrams and drawings would have been helpful and maybe a photo or two. Anyway, that may take some time as the evidence is examined, but at least we have this narrative (and counter-narrative) for a start. Perhaps we will learn some fascinating new information as it is released, whenever that may be.

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