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LIMBO OF THE LOST: Engrossing sea mysteries make reprinted "Invisible Horizons" book a true gem

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Originally published in 1965, this classic title from Vincent Gaddis remains relevant today.
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BOOK REVIEW: Invisible Horizons: Strange Mysteries of the High Seas (and) Astounding True Stories That Defy Logic by Vincent Gaddis (New Saucerian) 2017 / 1965

The world has the late American journalist and writer Vincent Gaddis to thank for coining the phrase “The Bermuda Triangle” back in the 1960’s when the Midwesterner with an interest in the anomalous and paranormal was at the top of his game, writing about all manner of Fortean activity and high weirdness around the world.

And arguably Gaddis’s finest book was originally published in 1965 to much interest as for the prior 20 years there had been a keen interest in popular culture and the media regarding the strange cases of ships and planes disappearing in an area of the Atlantic roughly bordering the island of Bermuda to the north, Puerto Rico to the south and the south Florida coast to the west.

And the most famous case, of course, was that of Flight 19, five Navy bombers that disappeared east of the Naval Air Station at Fort Lauderdale in December 1945. To this day, no one knows what happened to those 14 men and the search plane that initially looked for the missing airmen. (This tale is among the first scenes featured in the 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind).

That story – and many, many others from the around the globe – is included in Invisible Horizons, a book I seriously had a hard time putting down, even though it was published over 50 years ago, but was – thankfully - recently republished by New Saucerian Press.

In the first chapter, Gaddis, a gifted writer not prone to exaggeration, writes: “Our conscious minds deceive us. We are led to believe that all our awareness, all our knowledge, is derived through the five senses. But consciousness is only the surface of a great mental well that drops deep into the unknown – the outer light of a spectrum that radiates far into the infrared of the subconscious and the ultra-violet of the superconscious.

So, right off the bat you sense that Gaddis is not going to rehash mysteries of the sea in a dry, overly-scholarly and/or dull manner. This writer (who passed away in the late 1990’s) has a keen interest in sharing these stories and allowing the reader to make up their mind.

Beginning with a man who could accurately predict the arrival of ships to his island - days before they were even spotted on the horizon - to the strange tales of vanishing islands, particularly in the Pacific, help get the ball rolling in Invisible Horizons.

In a chapter on floating caskets managing to "find their way home," the incredible case of the late Charles Coghlan, of Prince Edward Island in Canada who died in Galveston, Texas in 1899. However, the following year, the Great Storm of 1900 - which killed thousands and leveled the city - washed Coghlan's casket out into the Gulf of Mexico, only to reappear eight years later, just miles from his hometown on Prince Edward Island.

Cursed and jinxed ships. Haunted ships. Disappearing crews with no clear evidence as to whatever became of them (including the famous 1872 case of the Mary Celeste, of course) All of it makes its way into Invisible Horizons.

And the super strange case of Morris K. Jessup, Carlos Allende and the so-called "Philadelphia Experiment" of 1943 also gets ink in Gaddis' book. 

For those fascinated by unsolved mysteries, including those with a paranormal angle, you will thoroughly enjoy Invisible Horizons.

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