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GHOST TRAIL: Local author pens "The Haunted Heart of America"

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
Logan Corelli is author of "The Haunted Heart of America," published by Llewellyn Books.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Approximately 10 minutes before paranormal author and investigator Logan Corelli stopped by the offices of Red Dirt Report, to talk about his new book The Haunted Heart of America, this reporter was in the conference room when the bells on our front door – a signal to let us know when someone has entered the office – jingled ever-so lightly.

“Hello?” I said, thinking Corelli had decided to show up a little early. “I’m in here.”

But no one came into the conference room. Perhaps it was the mail carrier?

I got up and walked into the front area by the door. There was no mail and no Logan Corelli. I could have sworn I heard the door open and the bells jingle.

Hmmm. Oh well.

Approximately 10 minutes later, the door opened and the bells jingled and a person appeared. It was indeed Logan Corelli, the smiling author of his fascinating book on hauntings and high weirdness in the Midwest and Mid-South – including a lot right here in Oklahoma.

The Haunted Heart of America is Corelli’s first book out of what is expected to be a total of 12 books when it is concluded at sometime in the future. In fact, Corelli noted that this first book was much longer until the publisher asked for it to be trimmed down – by about 40 percent, taking out Corelli’s reports on Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania and the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri, among others.

Still, the 12 chapters offered in The Haunted Heart of America covers the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico; the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky; the Villisca Ax Murder House in Villisca, Iowa; The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana; The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas; spots in Jefferson, Texas; and a number of locations in Oklahoma, from The Kitchen Lake Bridge in the greater Oklahoma City area and haunted spots in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Corelli, 39, lives in Midwest City and has had paranormal experiences since the age of eight, following a strange experience with a “phantom” while he and his mother stayed at the Fountainhead Lodge at Lake Eufaula.

A few years later, while staying at a friend’s house, “something” grabbed Corelli in the darkened bedroom and pulled him down to the end of the bed. But nothing visible was there.

“We know this type of stuff (paranormal) stuff exists,” Corelli said. “I want to get into that. I want to contribute to that.”

And even though Corelli had not started studying parapsychology at that point (he holds a Ph.D. in parapsychology and a doctorate in metaphysics), in those early days of his investigations, nearly two decades ago, he began meeting likeminded folks, started watching ghost hunting shows and investing in equipment, looking in places like the spooky locale known as Kitchen Lake, a local spot Corelli calls “a dangerous place,” not just because of the alleged ghosts in the area, but because it is a “dumping ground” and haven for those engage in illegal activities.


In the introduction of his engaging, page-turner of a book, Corelli writes: “I’m not trying to convince you of anything – I ask only that you keep an open mind when reading and draw your own conclusions.”

Corelli is involved in a paranormal TV show, Paranormal America, which takes him to various haunted locales in different states, from Tombstone, Arizona to spots in Kansas and Missouri.

And while Corelli, a Shreveport, La. native, is fine traveling outside of Oklahoma, some of the most intensely haunted locations are here in the state. For instance, Corelli writes about the abandoned Logan County Memorial Hospital in Guthrie where 

"I can say without a doubt that the Logan County Memorial Hospital is the most haunted location in Guthrie," writes Corelli. "In fact, when anyone asks me what the most haunted place I have ever been to is, I always tell them the hospital in Guthrie, Oklahoma."

And sitting here in our office, Corelli repeats the stories of his encounters in the hospital where a ghostly woman in a hospital gown not only appeared before him but a photo was taken of the ghostly apparition.

There were times when rocks and other small debris would pelt the ghost hunters, along with strange, repeating sound phenomena.

A strange electronic sound followed Corelli for months, until it left for no reason. It was as  though the mysterious entities - invisible to the eye - were now tailing Corelli.

"It would follow me to work," Corelli said, noting that not only the strange sound, but when he went to work, the elevator would automatically take him to his floor. He even showed others in his workplace the elevator with a mind of its own and they seemed convinced something strange was going on.

"I think it's an energy. I don't know if its electrical. I think these things have an affect on electrical power," Corelli said of the unknown phenomena that seems drawn to him. "I sense more of the static." 

With his TV show (which has yet to be picked up by a network) a Coast to Coast AM with George Noory interview, more investigations and more books to write, organizing paranormal conferences, doing book signings and holding fundraisers, Logan Corelli is a very busy guy these days.

And for those folks here in Oklahoma, it is good to know a Sooner State guy is making inroads in the world of the paranormal - a subject that deserves a high degree of exploration and interest. After all, we never did figure out why my office front door opened, when no one visible was there. Perhaps that can be investigated some other time?

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