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"Earth Grids" by Hugh Newman

Wooden Books
Hugh Newman's 2008 book "Earth Grids."
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BOOK REVIEW: Earth Grids: The Secret Patterns of Gaia’s Sacred Sites by Hugh Newman (Wooden Books) 2008

Could there actually be a geometrical energy system – a Gaia grid, perhaps? – that crisscrosses our fascinating and mysterious planet?

Well, in his short and beautifully illustrated Wooden Books release from eight years ago, English researcher Hugh Newman (a self-described “Megalithomaniac” and a frequent guest on the History Channels Ancient Aliens series) crams all of the different “world grid theories” out there into less than 60 pages. This overview is complimented with many maps and pictures, although they are rather small to read, so you have been forewarned. A magnifying glass may be handy for some.

Newman covers a lot in so little time. The connecting of ancient sites around the world and whether the ancients may have actually surveyed the Earth in antiquity. There is the evidence left behind in the form of cairns, pyramids, mounds and other “markers” the indicate the ancients were far more knowledgeable than we give them credit for. Some lines are not as obvious, but it is clear there is something strange, as I wrote in a piece on 94-degrees west longitude. 

Newman notes this as part of the “great circles” of the Earth, which seem to align famous sites like Machu Picchu, the Giza pyramids, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Easter Island, among others.

He notes the ley lines and “dragon” lines (as noted by Alfred Watkins – we recommend The Old Straight Track), and ancient sites where magnetic anomalies occur or “balls of lights” are seen (as I have seen in Kansas in 1990 and in Missouri in 1995). and the seeming “harnessing” of energy which seems to form in a grid pattern across the world.

 In the single-page chapter “Vile Vortices,” Newman highlights those strange areas of the Earth’s surface, like the Bermuda Triangle, where aircraft and ships have disappeared by the hundreds over many decades. With other mysterious locations like the Devil’s Sea near Japan, there does seem to be a planetary connection between them and other sites, including the area of off of western Australia where a Malaysian airliner disappeared several years ago.

From the Earth Grids chapter on "Vile Vortices," showing the Bermuda Triangle. (Wooden Books)

Another chapter, “The Far Side of the Grid,” suggests that “far-out subjects” involving UFO flight paths, anti-gravity devices and time machines, could be linked to grid lines on the Earth. Newman writes on the so-called “Philadelphia Experiment” of 1943, where a ship – the U.S. S. Eldridge, disappeared from Philadelphia, reappeared in Norfolk, Va., and returned to Philly. There is also the curious “Coral Castle” mystery of Florida. Did its creator use ancient and unknown energy, harnessed from the Earth, to create his “megalithic village”?

Notes Newman: “Ultimately, the Earth grid remains a mystery. Whether an artifact of subtle energies, ancient wizards, aliens or human imagination, it can take one on an amazing journey to some incredible places.

We certainly agree.

For more information on Hugh Newman’s Earth Grids and his enormous, new book with Jim Vieira, Giants on Record; America’s Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files, go to

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