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BOOK REVIEW: "The Zone of Silence" by Gerry Hunt

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BOOK REVIEW: The Zone of Silence by Gerry Hunt (Avon Books) 1986

Everyone has one time or another heard about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle situated on the 27th parallel north. The same parallel that has seen the rise of amazing civilizations such as the Egyptians with the Pyramid of Cheops.

But who has ever heard of the The Zone of Silence lost in the middle of the Chihuahuan desert in Mexico? Not many people for sure. Nevertheless, the Zone of Silence is situated on the same 27th parallel as the Bermuda Triangle.

And like her twin sister of the sea, the Zone of Silence is full of mysteries: strong magnetic interference, strange animals and plants, UFO sightings, nightly meteorite showers with among other the famous Allende Meteorite and of course the July 1970 crash of a US’s Athena missile in the zone, an accident that resulted in a costly clean-up because the missile was carrying two vials of cobalt 57, an isotope used to enhance radioactive fallout with the intention of contaminating large areas of land (commonly referred to as a “salted bomb”). And that's among others.

But some of these mysteries can be explained today such as unique animals and plants in the area of the Mapimí Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve created on 1977. For example, the Zone of Silence is not the only area in the world with unique species. In addition, the purple cactus observed in the area can also be found in Utah and the southwestern part of Texas.

And since the publication of the book The Zone of Silence in 1986, almost nothing has been done to resolve these various mysteries in what is known locally as the Mapimi Silent Zone. The book written by Hunt is the only one to talk about the Zone. On the other hand, dozens of books have explored the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, which allegedly claims victims to this very day.

Why? It's a good question. Perhaps the difficulty of access to the zone. This arid, inhospitable area of Mexico, with a low population, has done little to promote the area. But still at least one can walk into the zone that is not the case of the Bermuda Triangle situated in the sea.

Still from all the mysteries that the Zone contains, some are above the others. The intense magnetism of the Zone and the high intensity of meteor showers. Even if first both seem linked, it is not the case because of the absence of magnetism of the fragments of meteorites found on the Zone, the meteors are not attracted to the magnetism of the Zone.

And does the magnetism of the area is used by aliens’ spaceships as a spaceport? That could explain the numerous UFO sighting reported. But as always, there is no real proof to conclude anything.

There is still a lot to discover in the Zone. It is shame that no one is willing to seriously resolve it. The Zone of Silence book provides the reader a nice overview of the numerous mysteries there as well as numerous commentaries and interviews of witnesses and experts of the Zone. But unfortunately they will not resolve any mystery. That is frustrating.

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