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BOOK REVIEW: "Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon" by Robert Salas

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BOOK REVIEW: Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon by Robert Salas (New Page Books) 2014

For those who have followed the subject of UFOs for as long as I have are likely familiar with the stories – particularly during the Cold War years – of unidentified flying objects making unexpected appearances at U.S. nuclear installations and causing the missiles to be disabled via unknown methods.

Robert Salas, the author of the new book Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon / How World Governments Have Conspired to Conceal Humanity’s Biggest Secret, himself had an experience in 1967 at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, when he was a Missile Launch Officer in Charge of the nuclear-armed Minuteman missiles at that air force base near Great Falls, Montana.

That experience was detailed in full in his 2005 book Faded Giant. Since then, he has testified at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. as to the reality of UFO incidents at U.S. nuclear weapons bases.

And there have been plenty, before and since Salas’ remarkable experience when he was at Malmstrom.

Salas offers various examples of these UFO encounters at American nuke sites, including one in the Netherlands, home of U.S./NATO tactical nuclear weapons, where a witness to a UFO sighting in 1979 learned many years later that she had been “watched” ever since by forces unknown.

“(T)he evidence is overwhelming that they are trying to shine a light on our nuclear weapons,” Salas writes. “Their intense and continuing interest in what we humans do with respect to nukes suggests the depth to which they understand our problem.

And we do have a problem. With tensions between the U.S. and Russia at their highest since the Cold War years, the threat of a nuclear exchange between these two superpowers has never been greater. And with other nations – Pakistan, Israel and North Korea – being cornered or threatened by various other nations, it would seem that UFO activity may increase.

He writes that abductees have reported that the alien watchers of our planet can only do so much in preventing a nuclear exchange from taking place.

Salas, in the years since he left the military, has taken a more holistic and even spiritual approach to the UFO/ET experience. He notes how in 1985 he may have been abducted by aliens from his home in California.

What I found most remarkable is how Salas has really come around on the issue of nuclear weapons and the seemingly parapolitical angle that is becoming hard to ignore. Salas is definitely in the peace camp and seems changed by his experiences - for the better.

“In fact, it may be that the invention of the atomic bomb was necessary for our evolving human consciousness. Certainly, human evolution does nto occur in a cosmic vacuum. We are made of ‘star stuff’… There may well be universal reasons why we invented nuclear weapons. Our own evolutionary consciousness and how we relate to the universe of consciousness may well be one of those reasons.”

But with a so-called “UFO cabal” controlling the secrets surrounding this mysterious activity, and there being too many secrets all around, tensions are raised and the danger posed by nuclear weapons increases.

Perhaps, though, humanity will begin to look at Earth from the perspective of the Creator - from space, looking down on a planet where boundaries cannot be seen. Kind of puts things in perspective.

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