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BOOK REVIEW: "Strange Creatures From Time and Space" by John A. Keel

New Saucerian Books
Utilizing the same 70's cover art, John Keel's "Strange Creatures From Time and Space" still resonates today.
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BOOK REVIEW: Strange Creatures From Time and Space by John A. Keel (New Saucerian Books) 2014 / 1971

The works of John Keel are like an addictive drug. Once you begin reading one book you feel utterly compelled to read the next one. And the next one. And the next one …

And Keelism is a good addiction. His writing is breezy, engaging, funny and whip-smart. He actually got off his ass and did the hard work of interviewing hundreds (if not thousands) of UFO eyewitnesses, folks who claimed to see Mothman or other winged weirdies – and so much more over the course of his amazing life.

And so his 1971 collection, the 278-page Strange Creatures From Time And Space, dedicated to another researcher of the weird, Ivan T. Sanderson, is another crackerjack 

Just dig the opening paragraph in the first chapter … classic Keel:

“No matter where you live on this planet, someone within two hundred miles of your home has had a direct confrontation with a frightening apparition or inexplicable ‘monster’ within the last generation. Perhaps it was even your cousin or your next-door neighbor. There is a chance – a very good one – that sometime in the next few years you will actually come face to face with a giant hair covered humanipoid or a little man with bulging eyes, surrounded by a ghostly greenish glow.”

I mean, how on earth could you put a book down that kicks off in such a manner? That was John Keel. Sure, he was a cult figure well up until his death in 2009, but the right people will get it. They know that we've been lied to for so long, up is down, right is left, war is peace. All that shit. 

Do we get "demon dogs and phantom cats"? You betcha! "Flying felines" and "Hairy Ones?" and "Incomprehensibles"? But of course! Grinning men, Winged weirdoes and, of course, Mothman? Hell yeah! Keel was kicking ass and taking names - literally - in those heady, crazy days of the late 1960's and early 1970's, and why? Because so many freaky, strange and inexplicable things were going on back then. It was as if a portal had been opened in 1966 and all sorts of strange creatures from an alternate dimension decided to go on vacation - in the wilds of West Virginia and other places in America and beyond. And with recent reports coming in, it seems as if those days are returning. Too bad John Keel is no longer around to report on the enigmatic oddities that are swarming once more.

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