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BOOK REVIEW: "The Real Men in Black" by Nick Redfern

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"The Real Men in Black" by Nick Redfern
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BOOK REVIEW: The Real Men In Black by Nick Redfern (New Page Books) 2011

“The dark and winding highway incessantly traveled by the
Men in Black is one littered with disaster, misfortune, and mental collapse,”
writes author Nick Redfern in his fascinating new book The Real Men in Black: Evidence, Famous Cases, and True Stories of
these Mysterious Men and their Connection to UFO Phenomena

As someone who grew up in the 1970’s and early 1980’s reading
the paranormal works of authors like Daniel Cohen and Nancy Roberts, the work
of Redfern, a Brit now living in Texas, takes me back to my childhood. I’ve
read plenty of Redfern’s books – and there are many – one that I enjoyed that
touched upon the Men in Black mystery, his 2006 book On the Trail of the Saucer Spies (Anomalist Books). He talks about MIB-encountering
author John Keel (The Mothman Prophecies)
and how his research and experience led him 
to refer to these unsettling entities as “the cadavers” and how they
looked like the walking dead, their black clothing hanging off of them.

Indeed. The odd, robot-like way of speaking, the grayish skin,
the out-of-time clothing and the strange questions seem to be a common theme
with people who have the misfortune of running across these entities. Are they
aliens? Government agents? Something more sinister?

And like in his previous book, in The Real Men in Black (to differentiate them from the Hollywood-driven,
nuts-and-bolts silliness that we have seen on the big screen) Redfern addresses
the strange case of Albert Bender, from 1952. It was the beginning of the flying
saucer era and people were reporting seeing these strange objects around the
country. With Bender, a researcher into the topic, it was when he was
approached by three men in black and warned off the flying saucer phenomenon.
The story got out and every so often the dreaded MIB’s would subtly menace
people who spoke up (and some who even kept it to themselves) about seeing a
UFO or have a UFO-related experience.

Redfern’s book takes us on a chronological journey through
Men in Black lore, decade-by decade. From the 1960’s and the Mothman-and-UFO-connected
weirdness in Point Pleasant, W.Va. where Men in Black were said to lurk. There
is an alleged link to the Loch Ness Monster and dark activities in that haunted
corner of Scotland. In the 1970’s, as the animal mutilations phenomenon begins
in earnest, MIB’s appear, asking questions. This continues into the 1980’s and
90’s, as Redfern notes.

For UFO and paranormal researchers, there is a heavy sense
of dread and foreboding linked with the Men in Black, as Redfern notes. And they
have been taking place up to the present time.

Quoting one-time UFO researcher Raven Meindel, who had some
negative, MIB-related incidents happen in her home: “I have the feeling that
when you investigate these things – UFOs – they become aware of it, and you.”

The latter half of the 237-page book speculates what the Men
in Black may be and the different places they may be from. And just so you
know, there is a strong suggestion that these are not flesh-and-blood creatures
as you and I would believe. Perhaps from another dimension, plane or time.

Very creepy. And Redfern, an authority on conspiracies, high
weirdness and the paranormal, offers up this spooky-and-interesting information
in an easy-to-read and conversational way.

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