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BOOK REVIEW: "Mysterious Sedona" by Tom Dongo

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BOOK REVIEW: Mysterious Sedona (Year 2000 Edition) by Tom Dongo (Hummingbird Press) 2000

Granted, this book is now 15 years old, but that doesn’t mean you will be any less captivated by the information therein, regarding incidents of “high weirdness” in and around the red-rock environs of Sedona, Arizona. I had my own strange experience.

While browsing the bookshelves at the Center for the New Age there in Sedona a few weeks back, Tom Dongo’s Mysterious Sedona (and a few other fascinating titles like Merging Dimensions) caught my eye.

Again, this book came out during the last year of Bill Clinton’s presidency (a world leader who asked longtime Little Rock pal and disgraced Justice Department official Webb Hubbell “are there UFOs?”) and much has happened since then.

But Dongo, who has lived in Sedona for a quarter-century, and is drawn by the area’s beauty as well as it mysterious reputation, writes in a conversational style that makes Mysterious Sedona an easy and quick read.

After some Sedona background info and some other interesting accounts about alleged UFOs seen in the area, Dongo takes us to one of the more interesting chapters, this one simply called “The Alien Tunnel System.”

Dongo admits early in the chapter about being hesitant about writing about alleged secret tunnels, inhabited by alien beings working with the U.S. government (for nefarious purposes, no doubt) and how the area connecting the Arizona towns of Flagstaff, Sedona, Clarkdale and Jerome and how innocent hikers stumble upon camouflage-clad military types who escort them off what is public land or unmarked, black helicopters menacing people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A lot of the information in Dongo’s book takes place during a year-or-more long period, primarily in or around 1996, when a lot of strange activity was taking place in and around Sedona. And while Dongo reports on sightings by others, Dongo also has numerous, and sometimes harrowing, encounters with unidentified flying objects.

Driving home one night, Dongo recounts his encounter with an “ominous, disc-shaped craft about 50-feet in diameter” that seemed to be following him and that they would cross paths any moment.. As he drove along, worried and tired he said in his mind, ‘I am just not in a mood for this kind of shit tonight.’” Apparently the craft was monitoring Dongo’s thoughts because it stopped and “in less than five seconds it disappeared behind some low hills 10 miles to the east.”

His friend Linda Bradshaw had a ranch in the area at the time and he would spend a lot of time there, taking pictures and skywatching. And often they would see lights or hear things or sense creatures nearby, creatures that left footprints. And regarding the dimensional portals some believe are in the area, Bradshaw herself may have crossed back in time for an instant, reporting seeing dinosaurs on a hike through her property.

That’s just a few of the stories readers find in Mysterious Sedona. Dongo offers both black and white and color pictures in the book and while some are hard to make out, Dongo’s reporting indicates something highly unusual was photographed.

Many people in the Sedona area have seen and continue to see strange and inexplicable lights and craft. Tom Dongo’s book, coming in at little over 100 pages, offers some very interesting accounts of a few of them.

Tom Dongo is a long-time paranormal researcher and world-renowned author on the subject of UFOs. He even offers a “UFO Skywatch Tour.” For more information go to

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