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BOOK REVIEW: "The Last American President" by Richard Engle

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BOOK REVIEW: The Last American President by Benjamin Radford ( BellWest America LLC) 2015

What if the United States of America were to suddenly disappear? Fantasy or reality? Well, sooner or later the United States of America, like every Empire before it, will disappear. This is what the Oklahoma City-based author, Richard Engle is proposing through The Last American President, a credible end of the United States of America as we know it today.

A well-written book coveringthe story of Allan Cassel, an ambitious politician from Kansas, along with  his wife Kate Fogarty, an astonishing woman from a wealthy family in Wichita. Their sudden rise to the top of the power will eventually change the destiny of the USA. Even though the subject can be difficult to accept for many people, the almost-happy end proposed will let most of us thinking that the end of the USA is not so bad after all.

The story set in the not too distant future. It shows that dissolution does not necessarily mean destruction. It is possible that such a change would best restore ideals of America such as the pursuit of liberty, private property, individual responsibility, personal privileges, and representative governance limited to the protection of our rights,” Engle wrote in his book.

Easy to read, one can regret the near absence of suspense. Too simplistic, the author doesn’t take in account the rapid evolution of our society due to rapid technological changes.

First, the Internet revolution started a few decades ago is continuing to change humanity way of life, quickly increasing the number of teleworkers. And with the deployment of the 5G generation mobile network promising to increase the speed up to 10 Gigabit per second (only 12 Megabit per second for the 4G LTE), one can expect more changes in near future.

Secondly, 3D printing will change soon the world of production. Companies such as Carbon and Formlabs had invented a new process of 3D printers using the technology Digital Light Synthesis able to produce almost any types of objects with more precision in a very short time. Manufacturing at home will soon be easier than going to Walmart.

The rise of the green energies already gives the ability to anyone to produce his own energy. In addition, the rapid increase of the battery capacity and decrease of their price will provide the opportunity to stock energy for a low cost. Making each building self-sufficient in energy.

The rapid improvement of battery technology and the continuous miniaturization of electronics will soon let appear new types of drones and flying car, more powerful, replacing old cars.

The Blockchain technology used for the Bitcoin currency will help to decentralize the money, letting little place to the actual banking system. The Blockchain could also be used for voting by the internet, improving participative democracy.

Aquaponics system using hydroponic in combination with aquaculture, raising plants, and fishes in the same time. And the use of Permaculture to produce high-efficiency food on a small surface. Two techniques that will help to produce food directly at home. And with the increase of teleworkers, people will have more free time to take care of their own garden.

All these technologies (but not limited) cited above are all going in the same direction, more decentralization meaning less power to centralized governments.

People will have more opportunities than ever to have their destiny in charge. And if we push a little bit further, at one-point people will start to see that they don’t need any more of any types of government, therefore becoming free. Far to affect only the USA, these changes could affect every country on Earth. But this only one of several possibilities.

A story with less focus on the main character’s life and more details on societal change would have been better.

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