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BOOK REVIEW: "The Kansas City UFO Flaps" by Margie Kay

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BOOK REVIEW: The Kansas City UFO Flaps by Margie Kay (UnX News Media) 2017

To say that discovering the paranormal investigative writing of Kansas City-based researcher Margie Kay was serendipitous would be an understatement.

Because in the past decade or so, the amount of researchers and writers investigating the UFO, Bigfoot, ghost and *other* phenomena have seemingly exploded in America and elsewhere. And so while researching my book The Stilwell Enigma (which should be published this summer), I stumbled upon Kay’s research through a Kansas City paranormal social media forum.

For the brief time I was able to successfully communicate with Kay, I shared with her my theories on the 94th line of longitude west (94th meridian) and it acting as a paranormal energy grid of some sort, running along the sync-haunted spine of the North American continent – and smack dab through the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area, where she is based and conducts much of her research.

Kay, too, had come to a similar conclusion. In fact, she is a friend of UFO researcher Chuck Zukowski, the subject of Ben Mezrich’s book The 37th Parallel, which runs through the middle of America and seems to have a fair share of activity in the “high strangeness” category.

For instance, the popular YouTube/Planet Weird series Hellier – which is a gift that keeps on giving, for this paranormal writer/researcher – is on the 37th parallel! Hell, I was born in Roanoke, Virginia, which is also on the 37th parallel! I just realized all this, after reading Kay’s trim-but-content-heavy book The Kansas City UFO Flaps.

In the conclusion to this fascinating book of UFO reports and more, all in the Kansas City area, Kay writes that a particular street in Independence, Missouri, where the late President Harry S Truman, finished out his days on Earth, “I have not been able to figure out exactly why there is so much strange activity along this street, or what the significance of 39 (KC and Independence are on the 39th parallel) may be, if any. This line of latitude intersects with 94 degrees longitude, which correspond to two major (ley lines).”

Noting the ley lines, of which 94 west and 37 and 39 north appear to be, Kay writes that “(w)hen major (ley lines) cross they are called energy centers, vortexes, portals, or places of power.”

And this is true, as I have discovered in my own, in-depth research into the 94th meridian, from Kansas City, south to Port Arthur and Crystal Beach, Texas on the Gulf of Mexico. Along that line of longitude, there is no shortage of very, very strange activity, high weirdness and paranormal phenomena.

But back to Kay’s book … she has her theories on why or what is going on in the Kansas City area. There is no doubt, after reading her book, that Kansas City is an energy vortex of some sort, where the veil between this world and the next is particularly thin. This is something I’ve sensed long before coming to some of my currently-held beliefs on the weirdness in and around good ol’ KC.

A UFO “flap” is a period of time when a great number of UFO sightings are witnessed and reported. And in Kansas City and surrounding environs, the year 1989 was pretty “flap”-ish, as were the years 2011 to 2014, she notes.

And beyond the usual “lights in the sky” reports, Kay is clearly bewildered by the sheer number of “close encounters of 500 feet or less, sightings of non-human entities, missing time and abductions,” adding, “(S)ome of the witness accounts are nothing short of incredible.”

And Kay isn’t kidding. Very believable folks come forward with sightings of orbs, entities, saucers, cryptids, possible encounters with the notorious "Men in Black," unusual animal behavior and a craft that allegedly hypnotized people on Halloween night in 2011.

Kay includes plenty of graphics, photos, drawings and maps where sightings took place. She notes historic sightings going back decades. UFO investigator Jacques Vallee’s “UFO coding” list, and lists of how to report a sighting/abduction and/or local and national UFO groups one can join, like MUFON.

She also notes how people should skywatch in search for anomalous activity in the heavens.

I am pleased to add Margie Kay’s important The Kansas City UFO Flaps to my ever-expanding library of books on the critical topic of UFOs.

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