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BOOK REVIEW: "Human Race Get Off Your Knees" by David Icke

David Icke Books
"Human Race Get Off Your Knees" by David Icke
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BOOK REVIEW: Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More by David
Icke  (David Icke Books) 2010

Reptilians. Moon matrixes. Holograms. Evil bloodlines. It
must be David Icke, right? You would be correct.

Since 1990, esoteric British author David Icke has been
sharing his thoughts and findings regarding the nature of our reality and
existence to growing legions of fans eager to hear his message that all is not
as it seems, at least in this illusory “existence.”

Icke, a former English footballer, sports analyst and Green
Party spokesman, now holds popular lectures around the world sharing his
findings on the true nature of everything and how “those in the shadows” are
very effective at manipulating humanity via their secret society networks that
control media, politics and many aspects of society.

Sure, Icke has been ridiculed, particularly in the early
1990’s when he publicly revealed his thoughts on controlling Reptilians and so
forth. Oh, he’s “New Agey” and “out there” and not grounded in “reality.” But
since then, his books have become exceedingly popular and former skeptics of
his work are now avid supporters of what he has uncovered.

Having read his work, watched his videos and listened to his
interviews with great interest, I finally decided – after talking to a friend
who was in the midst of reading it as well - to tackle one of his thick tomes
from cover-to-cover, more than 650 pages worth, this one Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More.

And with this new book, Icke seems as brave and courageous
as ever as he shares his ideas, beliefs and concepts with readers.

Starting off on a chapter titled “I Am Not David Icke,” he
drives the point home that human beings are not, say, “David Icke” or “Andrew
Griffin.” Rather, as he writes, “We are not our bodies, nor even our mind.
These are vehicles that allow us to experience the virtual-reality universe, a fantastically
advanced version of the Internet in many way, as we shall see.”

Indeed, we do “see” – or at least this reader certainly “saw”
more than I expected when I first cracked open this gigantic book, simply
brimming with amazing and sometimes shocking … ideas.

“The real ‘I’ – Consciousness – has no form in its eternal,
infinite state. It is just awareness,”
writes Icke. “The interface employed by Consciousness is the computer system
that we call the human mind and body.”

And this is just chapter one. As we go on we learn that
because humanity is so focused on one part of their experience – via Mind – we don’t
get the whole picture, as it were. And there are evil bloodlines - Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc. -  that seeks to
keep humanity in the dark, but Icke, via this book, is hoping to help awaken
humanity to their true potential as Infinite Consciousness.

And what of the elusive Reptilians we hear so much about in
relation to Icke’s work? Yes, I admit this “reptilian” issue was a big
stumbling block for this researcher, but Icke is fairly convincing – albeit confusing
and hard to accept at times. But isn't that the point? Icke shows just how blinded we are by the reptilian brain and repeats how we are capable of so much more that is positive and good.

Basically, the Reptilians – from the constellations Draco
and Orion - are here and “operate beyond visible light” and possess the bloodline
families running everything. They feed on our “energy” and we are their “sustenance.”
Sound bizarre? I thought you’d think that. These evil creatures, Icke explains,
feed on “low-vibration emotions and mental states like fear, hate, anger,
stress, worry and depression.” Children are often targeted and sacrificed in
secret rituals. He goes into great detail about their origins, their ways of
traveling, manipulating humans and their link to “aliens,” “abductions” and how
humans have recorded their existence for thousands of years.

Equally fascinating concerns Icke’s writing on the Moon. He
claims that he has discovered that the Moon “is the key to undertstanding how
humanity and life on Earth has been, and is being, manipulated by a hidden
force. It is the center of Reptilian operations and their spacecraft are
constantly to-ing and fro-ing between the Moon and underground facilities and
bases on Earth,” he writes. “The Moon is not just a ‘physical’ phenomenon; it
is a technologically-generated interdimensional portal that allows Fourth
Density Reptilians and other entities and energies to enter Third Density (our)

He explains all the strange things – scientifically speaking
– about the Moon. Why it shouldn’t even be there and how it appears to be made
of different substances from it Earthly neighbor. Basically, he says, it
shouldn’t be there.

Icke gives readers a history lesson on ancient
Babylon/Sumeria and how there was once a “Golden Age.” He references a Zulu
shaman who he considers a close friend, the same man who has helped Icke
understand some of the newer insights he now shares.

Regarding religion, Icke said that the controllers behind
the scenes use the world religions to further control and manipulate the masses
while keeping them ignorant of the knowledge they have about our true origins
and our true nature as Infintite Consciousness. Keeping people in a prison of the
mind helps them gain ever more control over us – making us slaves without many
of us ever really realizing it.

Quoting the writer and thinker Aldous Huxley, Icke writes: “Liberty?
Why it doesn’t exist. There is no liberty in this world, just gilded cages.”

Yes, things look pretty gloomy for humanity, particularly as
Icke makes it clear that the power-hungry Global Dictatorship that is being
established seeks to enslave us all in their matrix of evil. The financial crash,
the endless wars, the poisoning of food and water through fluoride and
chemicals, the endless chemtrailing, and the overall dumbing-down of society.

And while things look grim, Icke, ever positive about
humanity and our ultimate destiny, ends things on a positive note, reminding
readers that when people put what is right above “what’s in it for me?” then we
can begin to regain our true nature.

“When we realize we are all One – and act upon that with
courage, love, kindness, peace and empathy for all who need support – the walls
of oppression must fall,” writes Icke.

Many people may not feel they are ready for a book like Human Race Get Off Your Knees. It took a
friend to get me to sit down and finally read an Icke book. I’m glad I did. I
can’t say I believe all of it but I do know he is pointing out things going on
in our sick, sad world that are of grave concern to me and growing numbers of
others. The media manipulation, the constant lies, the hatred and war … one
begins to wonder if this isn’t all being orchestrated behind the scenes
somehow. If anything, David Icke has tapped into something remarkable – the fact
that human beings really haven’t been able to fathom and understand how
powerful they are when they aren’t trapped in the mind matrix, and realize that
Consciousness is where it’s at and where it always has been.

Icke’s next book is coming out in the coming year and is
said to be titled Remember Who You Are.

As Icke often tells his readers and audiences: “You are
consciousness – all powerful and all that will be and will ever be.”

For more information, visit David Icke's website at

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