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BOOK REVIEW: "Happy Trails to High Weirdness" by Adam Gorightly

Feejee Press
"Happy Trails to High Weirdness" by Adam Gorightly
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By Andrew W.

Dirt Report
, editor

Posted: October 4, 2012

REVIEW: Happy Trails to High Weirdness:
A Conspiracy Theorist’s Tour Guide
(Feejee Press) 2012

In the past couple of years I have become familiar
with the writings and research of mustachioed “crackpot historian” Adam
Gorightly after delving into two of his best books – The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control, and the Manson
Family Mythos
and James Shelby
Downard’s Mystical War
. The latter book, I should note for fellow Okies, is
about the famed conspiracy researcher who coined the term “King Kill 33” and once
called Ardmore, Okla. home.

And what I love about Gorightly is that he has a
certain fearlessness in his writing and research that is frequently laced with
humor and hipsterisms that the chicks dig. I mean, this cat even recorded an
album a couple of years ago called Transmissions
From a Dying Planet
, complete with flying saucer and crop circle on the
album sleeve and song titles that include “Human Stew” and “Ouija Board” (no,
not that awful Morrissey tune).

And I dig ‘em too. With his latest, Happy Trails to High Weirdness, available
in Kindle and paperback editions from Feejee Press, Gorightly takes the reader
on a personal journey through the odd places around his home state of
California and in the surrounding Southwest region.

Gorightly, who was first introduced to
conspiracy-tinged crackpottery back in the early 1980’s via a lecture on the CIA’s
alleged involvement in the JFK assassination, realized this was his calling,
leading to writing gigs with Steamshovel
, Paranoia magazine and The Excluded Middle. And it has been a
life, he says, that has been “infinitely richer and wackier.”

Again, Gorightly is a seemingly happy and content
crackpot who knows his stuff. He first takes us on a journey of the “cult mecca”
of Southern California and touches upon the Manson Family, George Van Tassel
and “Giant Rock,” and Krishna Venta and the “Fountain of the World” cult, among
others. And then there is Gorightly’s pilgrimage to Santa Clara’s “Conspiracy
Con” where topics addressed range from Kenn Thomas’s lecture on “Parapolitics”
to a talk about “diabolical Reptilians.” Sounds cool!

One of the more fascinating chapters is Gorightly’s
interview with societal outcast Jeff Turner. Turner may be an utter slob, as
Gorightly notes, but his mind is like a steel trap when it comes to cult
actress and Illuminati torchbearer Tuesday Weld and her alleged “stranglehold on
the 60’s counterculture” so much so that John Lennon referred to her as “stupid
bloody Tuesday” in the Beatles tune “I Am the Walrus.” Needless to say, Turner told
Gorightly that Weld (who appeared in an utterly bizarre episode of Route 66 or is that 666?) held a dark
power over certain people and areas and that she was linked up with Manson and
crusading Satanists in the So.Cal area. She is part of the powerful Weld family
of New England and that one-time Weld boyfriend, folk-pop singer Don McLean,
exposed Weld and a lot of sinister things in his epic 1971 hit “American Pie.”
Oh and Turner claims Weld had Christopher Walken murder Natalie Wood off
Catalina Island. Oh, and this Turner character? He’s obsessed with 80’s
teen-pop sensation Tiffany. Yup!

Gorightly’s weirdness trip takes us to places like spooky
Death Valley or over to UFO-happy Roswell, New Mexico or to the Black Rock
Desert of Nevada to witness (and participate) in various neo-pagan rituals
involving, well, ya know. And then there’s that photo of Gorightly being “crucified”

Hmm. Anyway, there’s more on a visit to the
Integratron, the grave of astrochimp “Ham,” a section on doppelgangers and musings
on both Parsons – Jack and Gram. And don’t think the two aren’t linked in some
occult way.

As Gorightly chronicles his jolly journey of hijinks
and mystical mischief, he makes you feel comfortable, as if you are sitting
there in the passenger seat of his ’74 Chevy Vega wagon, staring out into the
rock and sagebrush, a weatherbeaten billboard advertising The Hotel California.
After all, “this could be heaven or this could be hell” …

In fact, I was having a few weird things go on while
I was sitting on the couch reading High
. It was mid-morning on a sunny day and as I sat there on the
couch and got to the particularly interesting chapter where Gorightly addresses
the “Superspectrum Theory” – a theory that contends that UFOs exist at
frequencies beyond visible light – I was startled out of my seat when I heard a
loud “bang!” I crept to the windowed back door. There, on the ground, was a
dead redbird. The poor creature had slammed into the door on some kamikaze
mission with an unknown purpose. Holy cats! Was it a sign? Made me wonder, as I
gripped the Gorightly book, my heart racing.

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