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BOOK REVIEW: "The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs" by Trevor James Constable

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BOOK REVIEW: The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs by Trevor James Constable (2008, 1976) The Book Tree

Of all of the UFO-related writers that I have come across in the past decade, the one that has really grabbed my attention is the late Trevor James Constable, who died in March of 2016.

A native of New Zealand, Constable would embrace a rather unusual theory in the realm of Ufology: that many of the strange things and lights in the sky were none other than terrestrial, jellyfish-like animals that live in Earth’s atmosphere and are only visible in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. I became interested in the topic while researching a strange 2013 UFO sighting report out of Edmond, Oklahoma that suggested eyewitnesses saw an aerial creature that looked like a huge, flying jellyfish, something Constable would call a "critter."

Constable, a former U.S. merchant marine radio officer for 26 years, stumbled on the subject of “aeroforms,” (critters) as he was a cutting-edge photographer for his time and when he would head out into the California desert, would capture these incredible images of living, floating, atmospheric creatures. Again, very much like jellyfish but invisible to the naked eye.

Constable’s theories, which seemed to line-up with similar theories gathered by Meade Layne, another investigator from the 1950’s, did not garner a lot of serious attention, but reading his fascinating books on the subject, including Sky Creatures: Living UFOs, and the fantastic The Cosmic Pulse of Life, I came away with a sense of optimism, not a feeling I often get from UFO books, many of which tend to take readers into dark places. As an aside, I have referenced Layne and Constable's research in recent Dust Devil Dreams posts, including "On the border."

As Constable notes in his chapter on "Ether Ships," Meade Layne had tremendous insight into the topic of the "etheric" and a Layne quote is included: "The occultism of today is the science of tomorrow." Too bad the scientific world dismissed both Constable and Layne's remarkable research. And using certain etherian "techniques," as instructed by Constable, which are, in part, as follows: "One hour of patient work is usually sufficient to permit a sighting of a UFO ... (p)ersistance over a period of months will verify for you that the time between midnight and 4 a.m. is the most fruitful - a time that etherian physics assigns to the maximum contraction into the earth of the chemical ether, which can be identified with the orgone energy discovered by Dr. (Wilhelm) Reich. During this significant time period you will be astonished by what it is possible to see."

Constable's cutting-edge research began in earnest in the late 1950's and continued up until the time of this book's first publication in 1975, and continued somewhat after that. In this book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life, Constable's conversational tone and down-to-earth approach is immensely appealing, particularly when addressing such a strange and controversial subject. He does delve into the esoteric, noting his many "critter" photos over the years, using infrared techniques, while talking about the aforementioned Dr. Reich and the attacks he endured by the scientific establishment. It was Reich's research on orgone energy that led Constable to embrace the idea that it is orgone energy that powers the biological UFOs that so captured his imagination. 

He also of anthroposophist genius Dr. Rudolf Steiner and also talks of the dangers posed by evil entities he calls the "boys downstairs," who seek to manipulate and control the people of Earth. Constable even talks about some rather unsettling personal encounters and experiences he endured when he first happened upon this topic. 

Constable believed that the "boys downstairs" were engaged in a battle with good forces, in what he called a "spiritual struggle." The author believed that when humanity came to realize what it was up against, they would work for the establishment of a "rational world order rooted in love." That has not happened, yet. Constable's book was published 44 years ago and things are not that much better. Some would suggest they are actually worse than they were in the mid-1970's. 

Are the "critters" or "aeroforms" that Constable seemed to have captured on infrared film actually what he claimed they are? Intelligent beings that exist in our atmosphere and provide a key about who we are and where we are going as a species? It is a lot to consider, no doubt. But I do believe Trevor James Constable was offering readers an honest assessment and insight to this phenomenon and that he hoped others would follow his lead and - perhaps - discover even more about what they are and what they mean. I would love for Constable's work to be taken seriously and examined further. The time is now.

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