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BOOK REVIEW: "Accidental Initiations" by Andras Jones

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BOOK REVIEW: Accidental Initiations: In The Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia by Andras Jones (Sync Book Press) 2013

Last fall, a friend immersed in the world of synchronicity (a great place to be, by the way) contacted me to let me know that actor, musician  and writer Andras Jones was going to be in the Oklahoma City area and they wondered if I would be interested in meeting with him while he was in town.

At the time I really didn’t know who he was, beyond the fact that he had a leading role in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.

Okay. Some I’m not a horror guy, although I do love psychological thrillers. Anyway, Jones agrees to meet here at the offices of Red Dirt Report and we end up having a most fascinating discussion and interview, which I featured here.

As it turned out, Jones also had recently written a book for Alan Abbadessa-Green’s Sync Book Press (RDR reviewed The Sync Book 2) titled Accidental Initiations: In the Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia. Jones signed the book for me and wrote “Now it’s up to you to find the Kabbalistic Tree of OKC.”

A unique challenge but one I am better prepared for having finally finished Accidental Initiations this past weekend (which included an inspiring “water” sync for me which I noted here) where Jones’s very personal book incorporates stories about his personal and professional life as well as his discovery of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life in his hometown of Olympia, Washington, the town which is home to Evergreen State’s capitol building.

“There is a Kabbalistic Tree of Life in Olympia,” writes Jones in the introduction. “It is hidden in plain sight. The Tree revealed itself to me a few years ago.”

Jones notes how the Freemasonic founders of America “encoded their architecture with sacred geometry and a host of esoteric symbols” and that whatever their ultimate purpose, it should not matter so much as simply unlocking and accessing the Tree’s mysteries and power. Olympia, Washington, we learn, was no exception. Lucky for us!

“Welcome to the world of 21st century geomancy. As prophesied by art activist and former Evergreen professor Jose Arguelles in his 1988 book, Earth Ascending, we are re-aligning with the sacred artifacts of our earth-wise ancestors. In so doing, we are bringing these artifacts to life and ourselves into alignment with their energies. In my case, accidentally.”

I can relate to this, considering my great-great uncle Walter Burley Griffin a famed Chicago architect who designed the capital of Australia – Canberra  - in 1912, used geomancy in the design he and his wife Marion Mahony Griffin (both adherents of anthroposophy) came up with, which ultimately won the design contest. I sense that geomancy is an interest that goes back in my family. And then there is synchronicity, which Andras Jones inspires ...

But enough about me …

And with Jones’s accessible and easygoing writing style, even those unfamiliar with esoteric Judaism (Jones is Jewish and notes examples of anti-Semitism he has encountered in Olympia) will cheer him on as he makes his spiritual ascent on this path to enlightenment – right there in his own backyard.

We learn about cults and how everything has a “cult.” We learn from our “cults” and Jones, for instance,  learned about baseball from the “baseball cult” and his chakras from the “chakra cult.”

“Overlay the Tree on a baseball diamond and you may begin to see why it attracts the Kabbalist in me,” notes Jones, 45, who grew up a Red Sox fan in Seattle Mariners country, until later getting into the sexual side noting that masturbation “the cult of wankers” is quite common and that “every chakra seeks expression.” If it is denied, it keeps seeking.” This, of course would be the root chakra where Tantra comes into play. The other six – sex, stomach, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras all have their “cult practices” (chanting “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo” would be the cult practice and the expression would be through his writing). For the reader, he offers a place to write down what your “balanced diet of cults” would look like. It’s this, where the reader is encouraged to actively participate, where Jones really

The Sephirot in Jewish Kabbalah – the Tree of Life – notes Jones, as visually represented, “is a mirror image” – “By aligning with the central pillar and becoming familiar with the balancing energies of the masculine and feminine pillars, we experience The Tree ourselves, and ourselves as the The Tree.”

With more about Jones’s personal life – bartending, playing music, hosting a radio show, meeting with and being with many women - we learn about his academic father and his relationship with him. There is Jones’s musical divination and synchronicity radio show, Radio8Ball, and how forces at the Olympia community radio station KAOS forced him off the air. In fact, it is interesting to learn that in a progressive and enlightened city like Olympia, home to Evergreen State University, actually harbors some seriously negative beings and those who seem to fear Jones’s mystical and exciting approach to life – what we can and can’t see. You really have to read his personal experiences to fully understand what he went through. 

And despite all the ups and downs Jones has experienced in his creative and amazing life, he seems comforted that he always has Olympia’s Kabbalistic Tree of Life to inspire him, to enlighten him and to teach him. He intends to live out his days in Olympia.

Accidental Initiations is a terrific and transcendental book that takes us on psychedelic soul journey of Andras Jones’s mind-expanding Walden Pond in the leafy, mystical Pacific Northwest. And when I go to Olympia next month for the Olympia Sync Summit 2014, I hope to visit the Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia. I will reveal more here in an upcoming article.

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