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BOOK REVIEW: "The 440 Enigma" by LC Vincent

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BOOK REVIEW: The 440 Enigma: The Musical Conspiracy to Separate Man from the Divine by LC Vincent (independent) 2013

While trying to calm down my infant daughter the other night, as I put her down to sleep, I sat there and quietly meditated while she lay in her crib. What was interesting is that while I did this, a schematic of what looked like a Mayan pyramid manifest itself in my mind’s eye.

It really struck me. Why was this image appearing? What did it mean, if anything. Yes, I had been thinking about the Mayan culture a few days earlier, but not in any real depth. It reminded me of when you have a dream and images form from thoughts or ideas you had the day before.

So, while reading The 440 Enigma, by LC Vincent, I was somewhat surprised to see an image of a Mayan temple on the pages of this interesting book I picked up on a whim.

Did this mean something? Perhaps. It is true that Vincent’s book touches upon a subject that has troubled me for sometime – the sacred nature of music and how things seem askew in that realm. But not being a musicologist or a serious musician myself, I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I felt that way.

Well, while reading a sub-chapter titled “Good Vibrations,” Vincent notes that studies of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt – and Mayan Temples in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico! – “used a tuning standard that was a mathematical model of the “Natures Standard.”  The ancients, writes Vincent, sough to “be in harmony with the creative cosmic symphony of  the universe.” These instruments, he writes, were in tune with the traditional and harmonious A=432 Hz (divisible by 3) and not the disharmonious A=440 Hz, as is the standard today.

So, what is Vincent saying? He is saying that this pitch is at the root of a real problem in our world.

Writes Vincent: “Can Western music, as it has developed over the past 100 years since the keynote tuning standard of “A” = 440 Hz was adopted, actually be the secret driver for the disharmony and chaos in our world today? Can musical vibratory patterns, skewed off their sacred, divine axis, by only several cycles per second, result in the creation of vibratory patterns which inflict negative thoughts and behavior, promote mental illness, physical disease, early death, even war? Does vibrational energy of music – sound – actually have succh power, for good or ill?”

Vincent argues that yes, it does and goes over the course of this slim volume explaining as to why. It was really the result of secret societies, along with the Rockefellers, Nazi Germany and those seeking chaos - and control out of that chaos - who are working hard to divert our attentions from "love, creativity and splendor" and away from the "Creator of our Cosmos," writes Vincent. The real aim - "global mind control" and subservience to the secret elite. A dark conspiracy, if there ever was one.

Wonder why modern "country music" is so bad? Because it was first crafted in New York - not Nashville - and presented in such a way so as to bring the "common folk" down, not raise them up, as Vincent writes.

It is here that I should mention that this subject was one I knew little about. But I sense the “Cosmic Universal Mind” is directing me at exploring this topic further. I recently wrote about my strange “4:40 a.m.” wake-up experiences and sensing a need to write about 440, as I did in the Dust Devil Dreams piece "Lattice of Coincidence." 

The 440 Enigma is a good starting point, although it is not without its flaws. A good editor could have cleaned things up a bit (misspellings and so forth) and the presentation could have been a little smoother, particularly for those unfamiliar with the science of music. 

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