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UPDATE: Flaming Lips drummer fired for insulting Wayne's pal Christina Fallin?

Via Brooklyn Vegan
Recently-fired Flaming Lips drummer Kliph Scurlock in a cool Neil Young T-shirt.
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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Rumor has it that longtime Flaming Lips drummer and Kansas native Kliph Scurlock was fired by Wayne Coyne for insulting his pal Christina Fallin in the wake of the Native American headdress controversy. 

In addition to a source close to Red Dirt Report, Brooklyn Vegan reports the following: "The Flaming Lips, who recently pulled an elaborate April Fool's prank and have a Sgt. Pepper's cover album coming out with Tame Impala, Miley and others, have now lost a member. Drummer Kliph Scurlock, who joined the band as a live member in 2002 and went on to record with them on studio albums Embryonic and The Terror, has left the band, a representative told Pitchfork. As The Future Heart pointed out, rumors started flying about his departure after he was not with the band at their BUKU Fest performance.

In light of Coyne's alleged approval of Christina Fallin and Pink Pony's controversial performance at the Norman Music Festival this weekend, one wonders if Coyne is in the midst of a serious midlife crisis as he seems to desperately glom onto local OKC elites like goofball Mayor Mick Cornett, Coyne's alleged "pot-smoking" pal.

And while not independently confirmed, a reader of Brooklyn Vegan allegedly had some inside dope on the Scurlock situation: "When Kliph called her out on social media for being a shithead to the Oklahoma Native community who complained about her headdress publicity stunt, she tattled on him to Wayne. Wayne actually told Kliph he was fired for insulting Fallin publicly. On a kinda-related note, word from Wayne's inner circle is that he was so geeked about getting an invite to Governor Teabagger's mansion for a party with a bunch of 20-something Republican hipster wannabes (friends of the Gov's daughter) that he was practically begging his band mates to go with, an invite that everyone else in the band felt was pretty lame and to which everyone else declined. Not Wayne tho. He and Fallin are pretty tight...he recently posted an even more offensive picture of his dog wearing an authentic looking Native headdress in response to the Oklahoma Native community's backlash against Fallin for her headdress stunt. No one in the band dares speak out on this one bc they have families to support and Wayne has bogarted all the Flaming Lips earnings and keeps them all on a pretty short financial leash."

Red Dirt Report will continue to monitor this story. 

UPDATE: (7:34 a.m. April 29, 2014) Red Dirt Report's Louis Fowler just offered us some new information on the reported firing of Kliph Scurlock as drummer of The Flaming Lips: "(Red Dirt Reporthas obtained physical CONFIRMATION from multiple sources who, at this time, cannot be named for various reasons that will eventually come to light, that Kliph Scurlock was indeed fired from the Flaming Lips for speaking out against Christina Fallin's headdress photo. We at Red Dirt Report applaud Scurlock for his bravery in standing with the Native peoples of Oklahoma, no matter the cost."

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