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"Heart of Stone" disquieting song choice for Trump inaugural concert intro

"Heart of Stone" was a Rolling Stones single released in December 1964.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – What is it with Donald Trump and the Rolling Stones?

Throughout his campaign he used their music, much to the consternation of the iconic rock band. Noted in stories over the course of the campaign was the use of their 1969 hit “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Yeah, I could get his people picking that song. I assumed he liked the song and the Stones’ music.

And then there is the reported incident from 1989 when the Stones were on their Steel Wheels tour and came to Atlantic City to play and had a pay-per-view airing which was backed by Trump. The band didn't like Trump and didn't want him around, or even at the gig.

As Rolling Stones producer Michael Cohl told Vanity Fair, guitarist Keith Richards threatened to knife fight Trump, as noted here: “They call me back [into the dressing room], at which point Keith pulls out his knife and slams it on the table and says, “What the hell do I have you for? Do I have to go over there and fire him myself? One of us is leaving the building – either him, or us.” I said, “No. I’ll go do it. Don’t you worry.”

There was no knife fight, but there was bad blood. I assumed his continued use of their songs was out of spite – sticking it to the Stones as he does with everyone else he disagrees with.

But it wasn’t until Thursday, when Donald and Melania Trump entered the Lincoln Memorial, for the inaugural concert – which featured everyone from 3 Doors Down to Toby Keith – was the late 1964 single “Heart of Stone,” which was featured on The Rolling Stones, Now, released early in 1965.

Right before the utterly bizarre and unsettling choice of “Heart of Stone,” though, they had played the Stones’ 1967 single “Let’s Spend the Night Together.”

History reminds us that when the band were told by TV host Ed Sullivan that they could not play the song on The Ed Sullivan Show, (which was 50 years ago this week!) they compromised, singing “Let’s Spend Some Time Together.” Both Mick Jagger and Bill Wyman rolled their eyes when the line was sung and – get this – they allegedly went backstage and changed into Nazi uniforms with swastikas and came back on stage to perform “Ruby Tuesday.” Is it true? Not entirely sure.

This action, of course, angered Sullivan even further, and the Stones were banned, at least until 1969, when they appeared again.

And so this Stones/Nazi sync with Trump being accused of harboring Nazi-like sentiments and ideas, is curious, particularly as his inauguration and use of that song happens 50 years later!

But back to “Heart of Stone” …

We were immediately shocked. Jessica Mendes (@SeptemberMay) Tweeted: "Heart of Stone. Think about that. How dumb do you have to be to pick a song like that for your historical moment? ."

And Richard Kalnins (@RichardKalnins) Tweeted: "And now Trump and Melania just walked out to the Rolling Stones'"Heart of Stone." The context here just slaps you hard in the face..."

The New York Daily News had some good coverage of the "Heart of Stone" controversy here.

As the Wikipedia entry for “Heart of Stone” notes is that “(t)he song sees the singer discuss his life as a womanizer, and how one girl in particular won’t break his heart.”

As the lyrics go: “There’s been so many girls that I’ve known / I’ve made so many cry, and still wonder why / Here comes a little girl / I see her walking down the street.”

In light of the accusations made against him by women over the years, and his essentially admitting to sexually assaulting women, well, it is exceedingly disquieting, to say the least. One wonders if he's just throwing it in our faces, even as he walks out there with his wife, who does not appear to be a particularly happy woman. It's creepy. And it gives you some insight how this stone-hearted goon is going to treat us all, as he and his pals make out like bandits.

At this point, I’m surprised they didn’t crank up “Under My Thumb.” 

Which reminds me, I referenced the Stones' diabolical "Dancing With Mr. D." - a tune from 1973's Goat's Head Soup - in reference to a September Trump debate I wrote about here. Seems even more appropriate in light of everything.

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