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BEAUTIFUL DREAMER: Synth wunderkind Ghost Data is changing electronic music in the Metro

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OKLAHOMA CITY—Inspired by a 2012 visit to the electronic music festival Nocturnal Wonderland, the local musician known as Ghost Data returned home inspired, immediately opening his laptop and tirelessly working to find the “perfect sound” for the songs and music that were no longer able to be contained inside his head.

It’s five years later and since then, he’s taught himself the ends and out of song production, crafting one tune after another, working hard to create and curate the highly acclaimed singles, albums and remixes that make up Ghost Data’s eclectic catalog, finally finding that sound in an original genre that has been dubbed as “dreamsynth.”

“I didn’t know what I was making for the longest time,” Ghost Data said. “It didn’t fit in with house or anything like that. I asked a few friends what they thought about the music I was creating and they said it was “dreamy” and they liked the “synthwave” sound it was associated with, so it just kind of came together as “dreamsynth” and the name stuck. It’s the perfect descriptor for what I do.”

In a local electronic scene that is heavy in abrasive dance music, Ghost Data said that what makes his music different is that he utilizes melody and unusual chords and progressions, as well as reverb and other effects, to tell an “experimental story,” giving his audience much more than just the typical stage show.

“The electronic scene here is something that I’ve kind of been shunned away from,” Ghost Data said. “I don’t want to talk about anyone in particular, but everyone seems to want to make really heavy stuff and I’m into trying to create something beautiful. And that’s fine—heavy does sell tickets. But, if I’m being honest, I’m not looking to sell tickets…I’m looking to make experiences.”

The next chance for audiences to experience Ghost Data will be at 8 p.m. on Friday, February 9th at the Venue, 1757 NW 16th . He will be part of a national touring bill that also includes other synth groups such as Haniwa, Carpoolparty and Monikers.

“I always try to do something different on stage,” Ghost Data said. “I play synthesizer live, drum parts live…it’s a huge setup that I use to “perform” rather than “play live.” I want to make it a unique experience for everyone who comes out to listen; it’s not a party, but a chance to see musicians who actually create.”

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