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ANNIE GET YOUR GUITAR: Annie Oakley are shooting their way to the top of the local music scene

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OKLAHOMA CITY — A legend in the Old West, sharp-shooter Annie Oakley beat the boys at their own game and took no prisoners while doing it. It’s an attitude that the local band that carries on in her namesake keep fully loaded at all times.

“Annie Oakley was a huge icon for women in her time,” singer and guitarist Sophia Babb said. “She never claimed herself as a feminist but the things she did were very radical for women and she was classy about how she presented herself; how we present our music is that same soft-spoken radicalness. We just try to exemplify to young girls who want to play music that they can do it and they shouldn’t be afraid to.”

Made up of guitar-slinging sisters Sophia and Grace Babb as well as violinist Nia Personette, the trio and their harmony-based Americana indie stylings have been steadily and surely gaining a fanbase since they first debuted at sixteen years old. While the Americana scene in the Metro is typically dude dominated, their unique sound and take on these typically traditional tropes have set them apart from their contemporaries, continuing to grow with every subsequent show.

“I think that when we were younger we had a hard time in the music scene because we were sixteen years old, so we were taken as just these little girls, not taken seriously,” Babb said. “But, as we got older and we found our place, it’s become easier to find respect within the music community. So far, we’ve found that there’s more support than not in the Oklahoma music scene for bands like us; I’ve seen more of a push for venues to book women and women acts especially, so it’s been definitely improving since we first began.”

Annie Oakley co-headlines this month’s COOP Ale Works Showcase at the Tower Theater, 425 NW 23rd St., playing on a bill that includes Kyle Reid and Special Thumbs, starting at 8 p.m. this Friday, January 12th. Tickets are on sale at:

As the band prepares to head into the studio to record their first full-length album, while they may add a few new sounds like “bass or keyboards” here and there, they promise that it’s going to be a record that’s as close to their live act as possible, eliciting the same numerous emotions audiences have come to embrace.

“We are very into telling stories that are very personal with our music,” Babb said. “People who come out to hear us live are going to come and listen to some songs that are about real-life events and emotions.  You’re hopefully going to leave having laughed a little and maybe feeling like you want to cry a little…but in a good way.”

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