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ALBUM REVIEW: "Running Alone" by The Lonesome Band

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Austin-based The Lonesome Band had humble beginnings as an acoustic duo made up of college buddies Anthony Lucio and Sam Whips Allison. Eventually the two decided to expand the band and added drummer Miguel Gilly and bass player Barrett O'Donnell.

The four formed what they tout as a honky-tonkin' cosmic country music band The Lonesome Band and released their debut album Running Alone in May 2015.

The album begins with "Agree to Disagree" which the band believes to be a good introduction into what they are all about. It is full of energy, just like their live performances. The song is highlighted by the upbeat drum and country-punk attitude. It is also a great representation of what a song from the lone star state should sound like with a heavy saw of the fiddle.

"Heading There Myself" begins with a fast paced guitar riff, prominent steel guitar and drums building into the first verse. The percussion create the sense of a train going down the tracks and the lyrics reveal the darkness of where the train is headed. The mandolin and guitar break up the song and add interesting texture.

The record takes a turn with "Halfway There." The slower tempo gives the lyrics room to be reminiscent and allows the vocals to come forward.

The pace accelerates again with "Love I've Never Known" and its folk-like sounding acoustic guitar. Although faster, it still has a soft touch. The lyrics tell of a man yearning for more than a one-night stand, and the finger picking of the guitar is clean and crisp, just like his yearn for love.

"Woman Who Can Shoot" has catchy lyrics and a prominent rock 'n' roll sound with guitar and piano licks of days past.

The simple rhythm guitar at the beginning of "That's Just Me" gives a hint of  influence from the 90’s. It's a great country-rock ballad of someone's pride in being themselves, even if their life is not always looked upon positively by outsiders.

Those who call Texas home are very proud of the fact, and "Home of the Free" highlights Texas pride with a fast-paced tempo, bluegrass influence and a thick country-punk attitude.

Fun loving song "Make 'em Dance" is easy to keep beat with and takes the listener back to their glory days. From the whine of the fiddle to the swaying steel guitar, this makes for a perfect two-stepping honky-tonk song.

"Uncle Sam" has a sound from days past, but its story relates easily to many. The lyrics tell of a man who works hard, pays his taxes and is tired of answering to the government. Things do not seem to be going his way, and eventually he finds himself in a bind.

The band's psychedelic side comes out in "Running Alone." The song begins as many of the others do on this record with an outlaw country sound, but it takes a twist in an unexpected

direction. Never has psychedelic and country sounded so good together, and it makes the listener want more. While it is the longest song on the album, it is worth every second.

"The Lonesome Waltz" completes the record and the cosmic steel guitar plays on the sound created in "Running Alone." It provides a smooth transition back into a more traditional country sound with an iconic waltz. Although it has no vocals it sums up the album flawlessly.

Overall the boys from The Lonesome Band are great at writing songs that tell stories and were able to perfectly pair the music to the lyrics in their debut album Running Alone. As the band continues to grow, their cosmic-country sound will too. Its this iconic sound that can set them apart in the competitive Texas music scene.

This album is perfect for those who love Texas country or Red Dirt, but is also a great choice for rock and jam rock lovers alike. Running Alone is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

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