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ALBUM REVIEW: "I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss" by Sinead O'Connor

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As talented as Sinead O’Connor is—and she truly is—sadly, that talent has always been overshadowed by whatever antics the press instead chose was more fun to spear her in the ribs with. Be it a shaved head or a justified protest against the Pope to studying to become a priest in a liberal sect of Catholicism to even some minor weight gain, the music press has always had a total hate-on for her, proof that as much as the mainstream claims they clatter for originality, they will never truly accept it.

And O’Connor has always been as original as it gets.

Her most recent platter is the defiantly sexy I’m Not Bossy, I’m the Boss and it’s a lush, gorgeous pop album but, even beyond that, it is one of most mature, most adult albums about love I’ve heard in a long time, at least since Sade’s 2010 epic Soldier of Love. It’s a record that only grown-ups with a long trail of life experience, be it romantic or otherwise, will only truly understand, all dripping wet in sleek, subtle production values that slither and intertwine slowly and with purpose.

“I want to be a real full woman and live like a real full woman...” are the first mesmerizing words of the rapturous opener “How About I Be Me,” wherein she intones about always being the “lioness” but still needing a man to be stronger. It’s a sentiment that is often looked down upon in pop, the whole idea of the need to be an independent woman equally coexisting with the desire to be cradled safely by a partner.

It’s the kind of song you wish a woman would write for you, High Fidelity-style.

These themes permeate the whole LP, from the neo-Gospel sing-along of the honey-drenched “Dense Water Deeper Down” to the focused wrestling of Earthly lust with religious desires in tunes like “The Vishnu Room” and “Take Me to Church.” The impassioned maturity of “Kisses Like Mine,” “Your Green Jacket,” and “Where Have You Been” are plaintively sexy numbers that are the equivalent of spilling your soul with full eye-contact at 3 a.m., eagerly and fearfully leaning in for that first kiss.

When this year started, I never expected a Sinead O’Connor album to make my best of the year list, but here we are and here I am and here we are again. I’m Not Bossy, I’m the Boss is truly a startling surprise, a testament to true loves and loving truths, all with a catchy hook that you can dance in the living room to, preferably with the true love of your own life, even if you haven’t met them yet.

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