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ROGUE FUN: The Force awakens as SMO explains the science of Star Wars overnight

Participants at last year's "Science Overnights: Star Wars" event.
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OKLAHOMA CITY—The Force awakens, and stays awake, when Science Museum Oklahoma’s latest overnight program goes deep into a galaxy far, far away as their staff of educators explain the science of the Star Wars franchise to kids and parents alike.

“The Overnight Program is an immersive experience where kids can come to the Science Museum and do some really cool demonstrations and projects and learn about the science of popular pop cultural icons—we’ve done Harry Potter Science Overnights and Hunger Games Science overnights, for example,” Kirsten Therkelson, Museum Educator said. “We have activities until midnight and then everybody sort of makes camp and sleeps all night in the Science Museum. We then wake up, have breakfast and go home.”

Devised as a way to not only get kids interested in science but to keep their interests locked in it, SMO’s Science Overnights includes numerous themed activities designed by museum educators, as well as access to the museum's permanent exhibits, Kirkpatrick Planetarium and Science Live shows.

“There’s a lot that we do in the Science of Star Wars,” Therkelson said. “Liquid nitrogen is a way to quickly and easily freeze things and we talk about how it relates to cryogenics and how Han Solo gets frozen in carbonite. Another activity we’ll be doing is we’re going to have the kids make Kyber crystals, which powers lightsabers, out of Borax. We’ll talk about force lightning…you name it. All sorts of fun stuff.”

Therkelson added that the activities are just as fun for adults as they are for kids and participation is welcomed.

The Star Wars Science Overnight at the Science Museum Oklahoma, 2020 Remington Place, will strike back on Friday, December 8th, with check-in starting at 6 p.m. and activities beginning at 7 p.m. Attendees are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite Star Wars character. Admission is $35 for members, $45 for nonmembers and $25 for nonparticipating adults. One adult is required for every six children in attendance. To purchase tickets and register, go here:

“I think it’s a really unique experience that can show kids that learning doesn’t always have to take place inside a classroom setting,” Therkelson said. “Learning science can be really fun, especially when it’s wrapped up in their favorite thing, whatever that might be. Instead of learning about physics just as physics, they’re learning about physics in the context of how the Force works or if they are into robotics and learning about the actual science behind robotics through the context of droids. They’re activities that help inspire them to continue and keep interested in the sciences.”

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