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JUMP THE SUB: "F8" highlights a franchise that has run out of gas

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With the untimely departure of Paul Walker, The Fast & Furious series lugs on with The Fate of The Furious - or is it F8?

Does anybody really care anymore?

In any event, NOS, foreign whips and predictable comedic relief a plenty this time around — same as it ever was. But what makes this the worst entry in the series if it has everything audiences have come to love from the past three entries?

Now retired and amidst a Cuban honeymoon, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) is coerced into turning rogue by collaborating with cyberterrorist Cipher (Charlize Theron) for an unrevealed reason to go against his team and family. All of the team from the past three sequels return along with Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham of Revolver), who becomes an ally for the team as he has a mutual hatred of Cipher.

The team is back and ready to save the world. What happened to just have street races set to bass-heavy music, I wonder?

Carrying on sans Walker and not ending on the series on the ideal seventh chapter proves to be as detrimental and offensive as predicted. There’s no first act showing resistance going on being a collective family without him. Everything from the plot to the chases just feel ambivalent and unnecessary.

There are zero risks and anything damning that happens is reversed twenty minutes later as if the screenwriters consider all the characters as invulnerable cartoons incapable of experiencing real loss.

Charlize Theron is a dud of an addition. To see the actress that gave one of the greatest lead actress performances with Monster left to whisper commands through walkie-talkies and throw her trashy dreads throughout scenes is embarrassing.

The film has its share of total batshit crazy scenes that have no placement in reality, but you just have to applaud that they exist.

The fact that Vin Diesel jumps over a submarine in a modified Dodge Challenger while a nuke explodes inside of the sub is… just… they went there.

The Rock now has the ability to kick enemies and send them flying like Captain America and it’s just a testosterone-infused spectacle to witness.

It appeals to the lowest common denominator and features mere shells of the characters that made the past three films feel like natural jet fuel to the series after multiple slugs of sequels.

Any type of unique dialogue gets replaced with on-the- nose discussions about loyalty, family and respect.

The Fate of the Furious is a film that is part of a franchise in the midst of an identity crisis after Paul Walker’s death. The series and doesn’t know where to proceed — when it shouldn’t have proceeded to begin with.

F8 finally has the series hitting the wall and jumping the submarine.

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