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Hollywood pedophiles run wild, young lives destroyed
Child actors Corey Haim and Corey Feldman in the mid-1980's.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Former child actor Corey Feldman apparently wasn’t
kidding when he told ABC’s Nightline back in August that
Hollywood is a "den of molesting pedophiles."

Said Feldman: “I can tell you that the number one problem in Hollywood was
and is and always will be pedophilia. That’s the biggest problem for children
in this industry.”

Telling the interviewer that “it’s done under the radar” and
that “it’s the big secret,” he says he and Haim were molested and that with
Haim specifically, he was molested by a “Hollywood mogul” whom he cannot name.
And when Feldman says that the mogul molester is most likely watching the
interview, the Nightline guy blandly replies, very Spock-like, “Hmm. Intriguing.”

“And it’s widespread?” asks the Nightline interviewer,
regarding Hollywood pedophilia.

Feldman’s eyes widen, and he replies, “Oh yeah, I was surrounded by them when I was 14-years
old. Surrounded.”

To think of what Feldman and his late friend and child-actor
buddy Corey Haim went through in their earlier years … it’s disgusting.

And yet after the Nightline
report was aired, little was said in the broader entertainment media about
Feldman’s whistleblowing. It would seem as though it’s the dirty secret in the entertainment
world no one wants to talk about. It sounds a lot like the dirty secret no one
wants to talk about in the sports entertainment world as the sickening bilge coming out
of Penn State and Syracuse university's sports programs flows out in a skuzzy way no one can no
longer ignore, often thanks to alternative media. It would almost lead one to believe that pedophiles are
well-established in sports and Hollywood.In fact, I think it goes without saying, as Corey Feldman and others have revealed.

And now we learn, via today’s edition of the Los Angeles Times, that a “Hollywood
manger who specializes in representing young actors,” a guy named Martin Weiss,
who runs Martin Weiss Management, was arrested by the Los Angeles Police
Department. He was charged with committing lewd acts upon a child under the age
of 14 and was being held on $300,000 bail.

The affidavit notes that the man who came forward claimed he
was “forced to have sex with Weiss about 30 to 40 times over a three-year
period until he reached 15 years old.”

The victim was allegedly told by Weiss that “What they were
doing was common practice in the entertainment industry, and if the victim were
to tell anyone it would ruin the victim’s career and hurt them both.”

There are likely other victims of Weiss, notes the Times. And there are probably far more perpetrators out there and many, many more victims, sad to say. Hollywood is a dirty town and lots of dark secrets are kept there.

Weiss’s management company secured roles for child actors
who have appeared on children’s TV shows including Nickelodeon’s iCarly and Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie. Network shows include
Parenthood and Criminal Minds. And as for movies, it includes The Muppets Movie and the critically-panned Adam Sandler/Katie
Holmes vehicle Jack and Jill, in
theaters now.

Interestingly, considering Katie Holmes, the noted wife of
actor Tom Cruise (he is her Scientology “handler”), briefly appeared in 1999’s Muppets from Space (children’s film) and
regarding her appearance in Jack and
a blogger pointed out that Holmes was photographed with a large
bruise on her backside while on the set of Jack
and Jill
, the same film connected to alleged child molester Martin Weiss.
We are not suggesting Weiss and Holmes are connected, rather, we want to note
that Holmes is clearly now a “zombie, mind-controlled” person who lets
perverted strangers give her young daughter Suri fruity-flavored “Penis Gummies”
candies, as pictured on the Sick, Sad World  site. It’s really shocking and is evidence that
young Suri may be in danger from child predators.

As the blogger noted in the March 17, 2011 posting: “Young
children who are born to parents under mind control get the worst treatment
because with both parents in an out of alternate states of consciousness, who
does the child have to protect them from the sexual predators and prevent the
intense physical and psychological abuse/torture?”

Is anyone, other than vampiric vultures of the Hollywood variety, looking after Suri Cruise? Knowing how late cultist and sci-fi writer L. Ron Hubbard created the brainwashing Church of Scientology and how recent investigative exposes in Florida's St. Petersburg Times exposed in their "Inside Scientology" series about what goes on in that bizarre, upside-down world, we suspect Suri, now around 5-years old, is surrounded by people who likely don't have her best interest in mind.

Remember, this is a 'church' that manipulates members into giving money until they are literally bankrupt, as the St. Petersburg Times reported just under two weeks ago. And its current leader, megalomaniacal "leader of leaders" (to quote Tom Cruise) David Miscavige is noted by Scientology whistleblower Amy Scobee as being "dangerous" and is known to viciously beat staff members. Is there a connection between Miscavige and Katie Holmes' bruising and joyless behavior?

Holmes was photographed in 2008, attending a Broadway play,
photos showing brusing all over her legs. Clearly she is under some sort of
brutal, repetitive physical abuse as she is being programmed. The bright-eyed
actress of Dawson’s Creek is now a glassy-eyed
shadow of her younger self.

And there’s no telling what Tom Cruise is up to. The guy is
scary. He constantly has this intensely crazed look in his eye. I wonder what
he thought of Eyes Wide Shut, the
Stanley Kubrick film he starred in in 1999 that reeked of Illuminati imagery
and overtones.

And making news today, Noel Gallagher, the British-rock
guitarist, formerly of Oasis and now with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
(whose debut album we reviewed here), blogged about running into Holmes in mid-November while
on the Late Show with David Letterman.
Gallagher, on the show promoting his new solo album said his friend filmed the encounter with Holmes for his website –
until one of Holmes’ handlers demanded
the video be deleted.

“Unf**kin’ –believable,” blogged Gallagher in his
characteristically foul-mouthed way about the threatening nature of Holmes's handlers. But give Gallagher some credit. He calls Holmes
“that top Scientologist” and Gallagher himself is clearly awake to what’s going
on in the world if his interest in the work of New World Order exposer and
author David Icke is any indication.

And there are other alleged MK-ULTRA mind control victims
(MONARCH) in the entertainment industry.

We’ve written about Hannah
star Miley Cyrus and her bizarre behavior. Her equally strange
father, country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus, came out earlier this year in GQ magazine and
candidly said he wishes he had never agreed to do that Disney show that he believes
has ruined his daughter’s life and the life of his family.

“It destroyed my family,” Cyrus said of Hannah Montana. “I’ll tell you right now – the damn show destroyed my

Our article from September 2010, “Monarch Miley and her
UFO-hunting father
” goes into Billy Ray’s interest in UFOs and his daughter’s
alleged “immersion in a multi-generational Monarch-like mind-control program.”

And so you have the odd relationship Billy Ray and Miley have. As occult-exposing blogger Vigilant Citizen noted recently, the same can be said of other stars whose parents have them tightly under control like the damaged, fading  Britney Spears, currently on "a humiliating new tour," and freak pop star Lady Gaga, who reportedly shares 50 percent of her earning with her domnineering father Joe Germanotta, the same guy who turned his daughter into a "sexy queen."

The mainstream media is beginning to pay attention to the alternative media's articles and theories on so-called "Illuminati"-inspired entertainers, as noted in this Nov. 21, 2011 article at Slate headline "Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Jay-Z: The conspiracy theories that say pop stars are Illuminati pawns." Note the latest Vigilant Citizen article deeply addressing the music of esoteric goth-pop group Florence + The Machine.

And while the mainstream may dismiss such stories as evidence of "fusion paranoia" taking over, the Internet and our 24/7 media cycle is revealing a lot more to those of us out here in the hinterlands than we otherwise would have been aware of. Interesting times, to say the least.

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