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QUOC BAO BAKERY: The best little doughnut house on Classen!

Louis Fowler / Red Dirt Report
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Have you ever driven by a place for months, or even years, and never noticed it until that one day when something seems…off? Like you have to stop and think and ask yourself if it was always like that and maybe you were just too blind to notice.

That’s exactly how I feel about the Quoc Bao Bakery at 2401 N. Classen Blvd. I’ve passed by it for over 25 years, at least since fifth grade. But I never “noticed” it until the other day when there was a large vinyl banner that read “DONUTS” draped over the roof. Is that really all it took? I guess so, because the next day, I was in there, bright and early, for a sampling of the menu.

Like a sweet-bread based retelling of Brigadoon, thank God the Quoc Bao Bakery decided to show up when it did. This area has needed—yes, needed—an honest to goodness doughnut shop for quite a while, especially ever since that Dunkin’ Donuts where the Subway now is has gone long out of business. But even more than doughnuts, I soon learned that Quoc Bao also offers various other delectable pastries and breakfast temptations, as well as a few surprises I didn’t get to try this time ‘round.

By the time I got there, the doughnuts were practically gone—a real testament to the sudden popularity of the place, I’m sure—but was still able to grab a couple of jelly-filleds (99 cents) that were fresh in every respect, from the still-warm glazing to the plump fruit filling. It’s the type of doughnut you take your time with, savoring the sheer artistry behind it. The second one, that’s the one, however, that you shove down your fat greedy gullet like it’s going out of style.

As an added bonus, they had these fluffy little puff pastries that were five for a dollar and an absolute delight to pop in the mouth. They were oh-so buttery and melted on the tongue like it ain’t no thang. I wish I had five more right now.

I was also excited to see that they offered some more substantial breakfast bounties in the form of that truly Oklahoma favorite, the sausage roll. While the smaller variation ($1.09) was fine and worth the time, you gotta go for the jumbo jalapeno breakfast roll ($1.89), a magnificently spicy kick-start to anyone’s day and, seriously, it’s far more filling and better-priced than that lame sausage McMuffin you were thinking about getting on down the road, chump.

Looking around the place, I noticed on a dry-erase board that Quoc Bao apparently also offers lunch-related items. For example, they’ve always got hot and crispy eggrolls on tap, five for $2. I downed five of those suckers like they were Scooby snacks and they were positively a nice little tangy diversion. Why wouldn’t anyone run in there to grab a few to chow down on while heading in to work, staving off hunger? They’re cooked to crispy perfection, with a real authentic flavor that beats out any ol’ gas-station variations.

Also offered on the menu are those amazing Vietnamese sandwiches (on a supposedly legendary baguette) ranging from BBQ pork and tuna to tofu and grilled chicken, all in the $3.00 price range and, if that ain’t enough insult to injury, buy three and get one free. Now you know that’s a deal I would’ve been all over, but...

My only real complaint about the joint is that it is cash only and I only had a ten spot on me. As tangible, cold hard cash is becoming more of a rarity (cue the Alex Jones rant!) in favor of debit or credit cards, this is just poor business practices for any eatery in this modern age and, for this visit, really limited the items I wanted to try and, sadly, will probably limit my visits in the future because, really, when do I have cash on me?

But, you know, now that I honestly think about, for a quick and tasty breakfast that feels more gourmet than it really is, I might as well just take the initiative and carry some darn cash with me because I’ve got years to make up for in ignoring Quoc Bao. Years. And, even better, it’s a convenient spot that I want to stay open for many more years to come. 

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Quoc Bao Bakery
2401 N. Classen Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
Phone: (405) 760-6322

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