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Pig-N-Out: A must-stop burger joint on Lake Hudson

Shaun Perkins / Red Dirt Report
Walk up to the Pig-N-Out and order a great meal on a dime.
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SALINA, Okla. – The pig pictures make you think you’re at a barbeque joint, but Pig-N-Out is an old-fashioned walk-up-to-the-window Dairy Queen. This popular place on the west side of Salina, in northeastern Oklahoma, is a couple blocks away from the Lake Hudson bridge, so it gets to be a busy place in the summer.

Winter ain’t too shabby either. Any time of the year, you can get great take-away food at incredible prices. I normally get the cheeseburger and fries, but I have sampled the Indian taco, frito chili pie and steak sandwich, also.

While the fries are not hand cut, they are about the best ones out of a bag that you are going to get, cooked just right and plenty of them. Jimmie Tramel, a Pig-N-Out regular, said, “I like to salt the fries in the bag and drizzle ketchup over the top, then drizzle all over again when the top layer of fries disappears.”

This approach to the French fries is one that Verla Fletcher noted. “Jimmie is a master. He has a better plan for his fries than I do for my life!”

Fletcher also noted that the chicken and cheese is her daughter’s favorite item that she gets every time. Stacey Stephens said, “I love the hand-pressed burgers.” Other favorites in an informal poll included the banana shake, large twist cone and chicken with cheese.

Marea Breedlove, who has only been there a few times, said she has gotten the cheeseburger both times, which is “great” and she said, “I’m looking forward to taking my husband there.”

You can’t go wrong with the hamburger, fries and a drink, all for $4.25. Tramel said when he pulls up to Pig-N-Out, “The frugal comes out in me and I always order the special on the banner.”

The menu board is extensive, with everything from egg rolls and coneys to mashed potatoes and fajitas, squash and pickles. Everything is very reasonably-priced. My steak sandwich, while not outstanding was a big one and priced at only $4.

The Indian taco, with enough meat, lettuce and onions on it for three meals was $5.50. I enjoyed this, but found I liked it better after it had been sitting in the refrigerator for a while. The frybread is what makes these things and it was pretty good—not too doughy.

The frito pie was a bit skimpy on the meat, but for $2.50 it’s kind of hard to go wrong and the real cheese and plenty of onions certainly added good flavor.

A family of four could get a meal here for under twenty bucks and get full. Of course, it’s Dairy Queen food, so it’s not like you would want to do it every day, but for an occasional meal, you can’t beat the taste and value.

There is no indoor seating at Pig-N-Out, though there are plenty of tables on either side. The tables and eating area are kept very clean, the menu is easy to read and the women who run the counters and cook are as friendly as can be.

A Yelp review from some California folks shows that it’s not just a popular place with the locals. J.L. said, “We are from Los Angeles, CA, drive cross country at least twice a year....this is a MUST STOP location, forget the fact the scenery around here is a beautiful lake and everyone is friendly.  The food is AWESOME!!!!  Great Service, all the employees are super friendly.  Again, we're from Los Angeles, and their burger would be $15 here!  It’s that good!!!!!  PIG N OUT BURGER, FRIED GREEN TOMATOES, order of TATER TOTS and a PEANUT BUTTER SHAKE!!!  After that I’m ready to fish the marina all night!  See you guys again soon!”

The exclamation points and all-caps say it all. When you want a fast, economical and fulfilling meal, don’t go through a fast food chain. Come over to Salina and get your pig on!

Pig-N-Out is open every day from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m., but open until 11 on Friday and Saturday nights.

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