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Hispanic food trucks becoming common sight on OKC streets

Marie Clark / Red Dirt Report
Sandra Ceballos, owner of Beatnix Cafe and a Mexican food truck in Oklahoma City, poses with her son Cristian Ceballos on a recent afternoon.
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OKLAHOMA CITY -- In the Summer of 1588, a convoy of Spanish vessels that would be known as the “Spanish Armada” sailed for England carrying soldiers who were intent on invading that island and ousting Queen Elizabeth from the British throne.

In the recently published The Spanish Armada historian Robert Hutchinson wrote of the fear that gripped the English citizenry when the white sails of the Spanish vessels were seen off of the coast of England.

The philosopher Thomas Hobbes would claim that his natural timidity was the result of the fact that he was born prematurely because his mother panicked when she heard that the Spanish Armada was close to England. And Hutchinson documents how that Armada was defeated by a combination of bad weather and British naval forces led by Francis Drake. And the defeat of that armada allowed England to grow into a world power with an empire that included much of Africa and Asia.

And it could be said that Oklahoma City faces a latter day Spanish Armada that is composed of food trucks that are piloted by Spanish-speaking cooks who make their way through the streets and thoroughfares of Oklahoma’s capital city.

But this armada is only intent on bringing the flavorful and spicy food of Mexico and Central America to Oklahoma City and its suburbs, and the sight of those vehicles is a source of joy to those who patronize them .

While their locations were originally in parts of the Oklahoma City area populated by Hispanics, they are now found throughout the region.

One of the more recent trucks to enter the market is piloted by Sandra Ceballos, who is the proprietor of the Beatnix Café on 13th St in the MidTown area of Oklahoma City.

Ceballos recently explained how that she formerly had a food cart from which she food items in South Oklahoma City, and that the success of that venture prompted her to purchase a food truck when she was advised by a neighbor that one was for sale. With a staff of three family members, she reports that she looks forward to selling what she calls “Mexican hot dogs” from her truck.

According to Ceballos , many food truck owners work full time and only operate their vehicles on weekends and holidays . The food is usually prepared in advance and is kept warm while in the truck.

Oklahoma City is now also home to other mobile vendors. A flotilla of young men on bicycles that are equipped with small freezers in front of their handlebars can be seen during the Summer months in the morning hours exiting from a small structure in the Capital Hill area . They sell popsicles and ice cream cones in various parts of the Oklahoma City metro area. At soccer games and church events in South Oklahoma City those vendors can be heard describing their frozen goods under a pale blue sky to potential customers in melodious Spanish. In time those vendors may make their way to other parts of Oklahoma City.

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