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FOOD REVIEW: The Golden Burrito

Louis Fowler / Red Dirt Report
OKC's Golden Burrito.
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OKLAHOMA CITY -- As I bit deep and lovingly into that freshly made chicharrón en salsa verde burrito, something spiritually significant came over me and I couldn’t help but break out into song...

I almost thought that lunch would be…nothing but a catastrophe…but a left turn down Portland has proven to be good luck for me…‘cause I’ve found Golden Burrito! I have a golden chance to eat more than one!

I embellish, of course, but the famous Wonka-inspired ode to joy did cross my mind while enjoying the pliable foodstuffs that the Golden Burrito, 1415 N. Portland Ave., offered on their menu which, natch, was mainly burritos and more burritos, all carefully plotted and planned and most importantly, perfected for public consumption.

Located in an area that is apparently sparse with Mexican eateries, with its celebratory lighting and festive décor, the Golden Burrito seems like it would be the most ideal candidate for Friday night cheap dates and family eats in that neighborhood. Sadly, the inside was even emptier than my estómago with only the constant buzz of the television tuned softly to Univision, the barely audible dialogue of a telenovela, in the eerie background.

The menu offered about 14 or 15 different burritos to choose from, featuring concoctions ranging from red pork and cactus with rice to brisket and cheese in green sauce with a little bit of everything in between, all programmed with a specialized flair that could steal a self-anointed burrito connoisseur’s heart right away, myself judiciously included.

After much salivating and internalized debate, I settled on the aforementioned chicharrón en salsa verde (porkskin in green sauce) burrito, as well as the chile rellenos de queso con frijoles (cheese-stuffed chile with beans) just for the unheard ingenuity of it.

Wrapped tightly in silver foil, I started with the chicharrón and almost immediately a deluge of warm spicy flavor from the abundant green sauce dribbled forth, the chewy chunks of fried pigskin offering up a taste akin to a poor man’s pork belly, without all the grease that comes with it. The girl behind the counter packed this one pretty full, to the point where I had to stop at the half-way point if I wanted to try my second offering while still warm.

And, you know, I’m glad I did because there was no way that I wasn’t going to finish this chile relleno burrito in one sitting. Just like the name implies, the culinary lotharios at Golden Burrito have combined that undisputable classic chile relleno—stuffed with mucho queso—and managed to justifiably work it, hold it down, flip it and reverse it into a burrito is one of the most original ways I’ve enjoyed in a long time.

With so many of these flour-wrapped creative delicacies on the Golden Burrito menu left to try, it would be a damn near-sin to not admit that in addition to the numerous future trips that will be required to sample as many of them as possible but that each time I go, this song will undoubtedly be in my heart and on my lips as I pull into that lonely parking lot…

’Cause I’ve got a Golden Burrito, I’ve got a golden chance to eat today…and with a Golden Burrito, it’ a golden day! Cómpralo ya!”

Golden Burrito
1415 N. Portland
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
Phone: (405) 601-2569

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