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TWIN PEAKS: The Return - Analysis of Part IX

Deputy Chief Hawk (Michael Horse), Sheriff Frank Truman (Robert Forster) and Deputy Sheriff Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook) visit Bobby’s mother.
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You ever have such a bizarre dream that feel too staunched in reality that waking up feels abnormal?

After the last part literally exploded our minds, Part IX decides to throw us right back where we left off before the intermission of dirty Woodsmen and nuclear bombs. Things seem to be (Lord willing) coming together. We are finding all the edge pieces and the questions are becoming less vague (and Diane continues to be everything I ever could have asked for)

*Of course, spoilers

Fresh off of taking a bullet in the hip and having the spirit of BOB pulled out of his body by Woodsmen, Bad Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) aka Mr. C aka the CEO of T-Mobile finds his way to the house of Chantal and Hutch Hutchens (Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tim Roth). Mr. C calls Duncan Todd (Patrick Fischer) in Las Vegas to tell him to get something done by the next time he calls him. I’m not sure if this is a serious ordeal or not because Patrick Fischer plays the same scared character in everything.

Mr. C then texts the phrase “around the dinner table, the conversation is lively” to an unknown person. He loads up a truck and heads out after telling Hutch to destroy his burner phone and kill Warden Murphy.

FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole (David Lynch) gets information to go to South Dakota to meet with Lieutenant Knox (Adele René) while on an airplane back to Philadelphia. When Cole informs Diane (Laura Dern) and Special Agent Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) about the change of destination, Diane asks if it has to do with “the blue rose case.” Gordon confirms it to be so. Warden Murphy also calls Cole to inform him that Cooper (Mr. C) broke out of prison. “Cooper flew the coop!” Gordon hilariously screams.

Back in Vegas, Dougie Jones is getting investigated for having two threats on his life and why anyone would want to kill someone that wasn’t even in the police system until 1997.

Dougie was, of course, somehow manufactured so that Mr. C could stay out of the Black Lodge. Vegas detectives determine Ike The Spike (Christophe Zajac-Denek) tried to kill him and corner him at a seedy motel down the road. We also learn that Dougie got into a car accident recently that has limited his motor skills prior to him being replaced by Cooper so that explains why everyone understand why he’s stiff and in another world.

A needed reappearance of some of the original Twin Peaks score and a scene of Johnny Horne (Eric Rondell) are exciting new additions in Part IX. That means that all the members of the Horne family have shown up besides Audrey. If Diane has already been revealed, Audrey has to be the third act surprise. I’ll even throw my hat out and say she’s one of the factors that wakes up Cooper from his vegetative state.

We get two major (ha!) plot developments both regarding Major Briggs. Deputy Sheriff Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook), Deputy Chief Hawk (Michael Horse) and Sheriff Frank Truman (Robert Forster) go to visit Bobby’s mother Betty to discuss Cooper’s visit to Major Briggs the day before Briggs disappeared.

Not only does she remember what happened, Briggs told her that Cooper informed him that Bobby, Hawk and Truman would one day come visit her to talk about this very interaction to give them something.

Betty opens a secret compartment on a chair in the living room (what’s with the emphasis on chairs in this part?) to reveal a metallic rod and gifts it to them.

Bobby laughs at Hawk and Truman trying to open it, saying his dad used to open those all the time. After chunking at the pavement a few times, two papers pop out of the rod. One details going several hundreds yard east of Jack Rabbits Palace, a place Bobby and his dad used to go to, at a specific time and date. There’s also familiar Owl Cave writing on the note so we can speculate to Jack Rabbits Palace is one of the entrances of the Lodges. The other note is a cut from the transmission papers that Major Briggs showed Cooper in the original series. I believe the original transmission papers had “COOPER” at least three times, but this has only two transcribed. “Two Coopers?” Hawk asks cautiously.

Part of the note left behind by Maj. Briggs in Twin Peaks: The Return. (Showtime)

Gordon and the crew arrive at the South Dakota morgue with Lieutenant Knox and Detective Macklay (Brent Briscoe) in tow. Not being “In the mood to see a dead body this morning,” Diane stays behind as she gets a text message that is the same text that Bad Cooper sent out earlier. She doesn’t look surprised or distraught at the random anonymous text, she seems like she almost knows what’s up. Things are getting shaky now.

Albert inspects the headless body believed to be Major Briggs that Knox discovered in Part VII is that of a 40-year- old man instead of 71-year-old Major Briggs. He points out to Gordon that Briggs died in his early 70s outside Twin Peaks 25 years ago, but the body looks about 25 years younger than Briggs did when he died years earlier. They bring up the ring found in the body’s stomach described with “To Dougie from Janey-E,” but are more concerned with the new information about William Hastings (Matthew Lillard). Hastings and the librarian he allegedly murdered ran a blog named The Search for The Zone (which actually exists!!). The last post a week before Hastings was arrested read, “today we finally entered what we call ‘The Zone’ and we met the Major.”

Hastings is obviously distraught as Special Agent Tammy Preston (Chrysta Bell) joins him in an interrogation room to discuss his Zone experience. He confirms its real and if him and Ruth, the librarian, went to a specific place at a certain time, they would go into the alternate dimension. They met Major Briggs, who asks for coordinates for a military base in South Dakota. When they returned, aggressive men tried to enter with them (presumably Woodsmen) and they killed Ruth. Once Briggs got the coordinates, he began to float and say “Cooper. Cooper.” before disappearing. Hastings recalls the experience as beautiful. Shaggy he is not, as Lillard kills this performance.

Part IX definitely feels like an old episode of Twin Peaks, but I suppose anything would familiar after the last part destroyed my expectations yet again. It’s really bittersweet to watch Albert continue being the lovable hardass and knowing we won’t have anymore of him after this season after his untimely death. Laura Dern is SERVING some looks this season, along with being my new favorite character / new role model.

Detective Dave Macklay (Brent Briscoe), FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole (David Lynch) and Diane Evans (Laura Dern) look on during William Hastings' interrogation.(Showtime)

Her screaming at Macklay, “it’s a fucking morgue!,” when he says she can’t smoke gave me so much happiness.

When the cast list was announced, I thought Sky Ferreira would be showing up to show off a new track at the Roadhouse, but her playing a disgusting looking druggy while discusses her random burger job antics with another woman as nasty looking as her was… surprising. I doubt she’ll be used again, but it was a nice random appearance (maybe she’ll still perform later in the season?)

We will be heading to Jack Rabbits Palace within the next two days in the Twin Peaks universe. With the way the show is flowing in Parts VII and this part, I could see us visiting it next week and not waiting any longer. I also hope we can get real development with Mr. Dougie Jones.

An appearance of Audrey Horne would be everything. I just want to see her dance to her music in the Double R one more time.

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