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Fowler’s Flix 10.09.18: Have you been "Saved By The Bell" yet?

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The cast of "Saved by the Bell."
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If my generation gave the Gods of Television a worthy child, a tyke that will tell the story of who we are and who we were while leading the children of the cathode ray into a rich bayside area, filled with sexy photogenic teens and magical burger shops, best pal principals and other acts of craven tomfoolery that will have you whispering under breath “I’m so excited…”, then that beautiful gift to the world would have to be the 1989 to 1993 series Saved By the Bell.

You’re welcome.

Led by handsome schemer Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), for five Saturday morning seasons, one prime-time spin-off and two made-for-TV movies, the world of Palisades—a fictional district of L.A., apparently—became every tween-to-teen’s high school dream, whether they were watching from the ironic sidelines or the Tiger Beat goalposts.

In addition to Zack, the Saved squad usually included, down to their basic stereotypes, the town’s star jock Slater (Mario Lopez); cute shopaholic Lisa (Lark Voorhees); adorable feminist Jessie (Elizabeth Berkley); perky head cheerleader Kelly (Tiffani-Amber Thiessen); and, of course, the quintessential dweeb, Screech (Dustin Diamond).

They are all featured, once again, in Shout! Factory’s seminal Saved By the Bell: The Complete Collection. This new box-set is a massively memorable time-waster that offers up plenty of good memories and bad laughs to joyously squirm about in your chair as you relive the various unforgettable moments from the show’s collective five or so years of unmerciless entertainment.

Highlights from the series range from Screech inventing a pimple remover and Zack trying to make a dime off it, Screech crafting a delicious pasta sauce and Zack trying to make a dime off it, Screech running the school store and Zack trying to make a dime off it, Screech trying to… just assume most of the episodes are about Zack trying to find any way possible to make a lousy dollar from Screech’s naïve good nature.

But there are also the much-loved yet wholly-maligned episodes such as one of the team getting addicted to caffeine pills, the crew getting into a drunk-driving accident, the gang hanging out with Hollywood drug-users, the whole bunch of them…just assume that anytime someone from the show gets involved with drugs or alcohol or stealing or cheating or, really, anything bad, it’ll make for quite a very special episode in the most chafing comedic way.

In addition to the four seasons of Saved By the Bell, this complete collection dutifully throws in the bizarre prequel series called Good Morning Miss Bliss, starring Hayley Mills and taking place back when the cast lived in Indiana.

Also, look out for the sequel spin-off Saved By the Bell: The College Years, where Zack, Slater and Screech try to adjust to the weird and wacky college life of fictitious California University.

Throw in the two flicks Saved By the Bell: Hawaiian Style and Saved By the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas and, if you’re a lonely 40-year-old like me binge-watching them on a Saturday night, congratulations, you’re a bigger dork than Screech.

Wait, scratch that…even Screech had a girlfriend for a couple of episodes.

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