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Fowler’s Flix 08.27.19: Shout Factory’s Binge Watchers

Shout! Factory
The eternally damned of the Good Place seek redemption in season three
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With fresh television currently in reruns, you might need a break with a few shows you missed the first time or probably never even knew about and that’s where this week’s Fowler’s Flix will take us as Shout! Factory unleashes a few selections to take your viewing habits on into the next month with a collection of bizarre animation, otherworldly comedy and vivid storytelling.

The bizarre animation comes in the form of Bojack Horseman. Originally shown on Netflix, Bojack truly holds its pedigree—from style to subversiveness—with the late night offerings of Adult Swim. Will

Arnett voices Bojack, an anthropomorphic horse that had a successful sitcom in the 90s, but, now, he’s an alcoholic trying to figure out where his life goes from here and beyond. Using a melancholy mixture of pathos and humor, Bojack is very much an exaggerated every one of us, whether we want to admit it or not.

This idea of who we are and why we’re here is carried even further in the fantastic ensemble comedy The Good Place. After two rollicking seasons that seemed like the writers would run out of ideas, in season three, we find our characters—all who are dead and were destined for hell, by the way—are still part of the Good Place/Bad Place’s experiments to see if a person is truly capable of change and if so, can they then earn their way into the Good Place, with ingenious snags from both demons and humans aplenty.

Finally, Astrid Lindgren supposedly classic tales—supposedly because I’ve never heard of them—of Ronja come to life via Goro Miyazaki in the delightfully enchanting Ronja: The Robber’s Daughter. In this story, told in 26(!) parts, a young girl is born on a mountainside among a clan of mostly loving and nurturing thieves and bandits. Ten or so years later, she’s at home in the forest like a true wild child, eventually befriending the son of her father’s enemy.

Of course, lessons such as peace, tolerance and love are retold, but when done with not only the pen of the casually offbeat Lindgren but also the unexpected magic of Miyazaki; Ronja surprisingly becomes a true treasure that you’ll wish you had kids to share it with, instead of settling on the couch by yourself.

Maybe I’ll watch some episodes with my nephew…it’s not Star Wars, but he might like it.

Next week: From Liverpool to the US Festival…

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