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Fowler’s Flix 05.22.19: Film Rise…film set.

Film Rise
Disco tour guides Ronnie and his son Braydon try to uncover the mystery of "The Greasy Strangler."
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Since 2015, cinematic upstart Film Rise has been distributing decent enough indie flicks such as The Witness and White Girl, really kicking it into high-gear over the past year or so with plenty of Oscar fare to keep cineastes busy. Recently, they sent me a handful of their latest flicks to check out, so let’s see what we’ve got here…

Being a teenager is such a time of sexual confusion on all parts that anytime adults try and enter the situation with their own broken philosophy as to how to “fix” a kid, you’re guaranteed to make matters worse. That’s pretty much The Miseducation of Cameron Post in a small synopsis, starring Chloe Grace Moretz as a young teen sent to a religious-based homosexual reeducation camp, only to face more heartbreaking horrors.

It’s a slow burn, but Ruth Wilson gives a ruthlessly morose performance in Dark River. A sheep-shearer by trade, when she hears her abusive father has died, she decides to return home and take over the family farm, only to enter into a vicious sibling rivalry with her estranged brother. The mystery comes from the hate and where it stems from, something that is slowly pieced together with shocking results as the story goes on.

Nicolas Cage is Niagara Falls detective John Dromoor, a cop with a very righteous sense of right and wrong. In Vengeance: A Love Story, based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, Dromoor’s unwavering conscious is pitted against the faces of true evil, when a group of backwoods punks brutally rapes a young mother while her daughter watches in horror. It’s a solid cop flick, but an even better revenge film.

Probably the weakest title in the bunch, The Vault has a star-drenched cast including James Franco and Clifton Collins, Jr., but the film just can’t seem to make up its mind as to what it is and what it wants to be: slick heist flick? Scummy character-study? Spooky haunted bank flick?

Finally, here’s the very funny—very funny if you’re the right kind of sicko, that is—film The Greasy Strangler. In a film that totally pushes the limits of human decency for the sake of very select laughs, disco tour-guides and all around “bullshit artists” Ronnie and son Braydon live a life of comically greasy foods, until a woman enters their life and threatens to tear them apart.

Meanwhile, a man, covered from head to toe in grease, stalks the streets, strangling with horrific disregard. I’m pretty sure you’re intrigued now, right?

Next week: The latest from Artsploitation…

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