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Fowler’s Flix 01.16.19: The Worldly Return of Artsploitation

A young girl finds herself pregnant with the Devil's baby in "Luciferina."
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Art films meet exploitation trash when Artsploitation Films scours the world of weird cinema, finding the best of the rest, going into realms where other film companies definitely fear to tread. Over the past couple of months, they’ve released everything from holiday slashers from the heart of Europe to the most putrid Satanic shockers from the bowels of Argentina…

The Mad Max mythos take a decidedly feminist turn—even more so than in Fury Road—in the 2017 action flick from the Netherlands, Molly. A lone warrior wanders the futuristic wastelands—a super- powered young woman, luckily, I suppose—that is in a woefully neverending battle against a world crawling with mercenaries, zombies and the armies of the flamboyant warlord Deacon.

For all its faults, Molly’s got a real underdog charm about it, one that adds an inventive twist in the third act. As dystopic as it is meant to be—and boy it is—there’s a real dark streak that runs through her, eschewing every bit of hope for the problematic pretenses of shock value; if you feel you can cut through that meaningless filler, especially with such a great title character to explore, this could be a great Friday night’s worth of FF-button viewing.

Speaking of dark streaks, the one that runs through Luciferina is a warm and bloody one, blessed by the hand of the Dark Lord himself. Hailing from Argentina, this recent “Devil movie” by Gonzalo Calzada is a drug-fueled trip through the obliteration of innocence as Natalia, a young novice, travels to an old castle(?) with her abusive friends to try the miracle plant Ayahuasca, known for it’s hallucinogenic properties.

As the drug takes hold, so does Satan and his minion when the birth of the baby signals the return of the what I believe is the Anti-Christ. Is it a hallucination drenched romp or is it all the part of something meant to bring about the end of days? With plenty of not only horrifying but downright disturbing moments, Luciferina is a next-level scare-film that bring the fight for the soul of the world—if it still has one left to give—right to the doorstep of good and evil. But mostly evil.

Last in the Blu-ray player is the German monstrosity—and I mean that in the best possible way—Snowflake. A strange amalgam of dystopic fairy tale and apocalyptic love story, this strange movie features a singular Germany that is ruled by anarchy—but apparently an anarchy where life seeming goes on. As people shop for food and try to avoid the constant danger, as pair of off-kilter killers argue nuances as the bodies pile up around them.

As they hunt for a screenwriting dentist with amazingly prescient powers, a girl and her bodyguard hunt down her parent’s killers. Meanwhile, an angel seeks blood and a superhero seeks justice, I’m guessing; all you need to know is every character here is seeking revenge on those around them and, of course, each other. What’s the moral? We may never know, but it’s a trip to figure it all out.

That’s one of the superlative things that make your blood-drenched one-way ticket with Artsploitation Films such a great deal in deadly world tourism: you get all the unlikely memories but none of the murderous jetlag. I think it’s quite the deal.

Next week: That man hates these cans…but not these comedies!

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