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Moths, man, at the Sam Noble Museum!

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
This Great Tiger Moth image was captured by Canadian artist Jim des Rivieres and is featured at the Sam Noble Museum's current "Winged Tapestries: Moths at Large" exhibit in Norman.
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NORMAN, Okla. – Even though I have visited the Sam Noble Museum – Oklahoma’s amazing Museum of Natural History – before, there were some exhibits and things that really caught my attention this time – particularly the amazing moth exhibit titled “Winged Tapestries: Moths At Large,” which is a traveling art exhibition featuring the art of Canadian Jim des Rivieres.

The images of the colorful, stunning moths really grabbed my eye. On the walls were 40 large-picture photos of various species of moths, which are a groups of nocturnal insects that are closely related to butterflies.

Of the images featured in the exhibit I was drawn to the Great Tiger Moth image, captured by the artist about a decade ago in the Canadian province of Quebec. The two red spots on the moth’s head look like red eyes, and reminded me of the legendary entity “The Mothman,” thought to be a portent of doom, as noted by writers John Keel, Loren Coleman and others.

I learned that Jim des Rivieres is passionate about moths and photographing them, saying in a statement featured in the moth art display that when you start looking at moths up close, “you see spectacular markings, colors and patterns.”

And looking up close, a moth seems have a furry exterior but are really dust-looking scales. As for the appearence of the Great Tiger Moth, it looks threatening to potential predators because of their toxic makeup. They are poisonous. 

They are also quiet when they fly - just like an owl. They are attracted to light, which is partly how the artist managed to capture the moths in the first place in wooded areas of his native Canada.

I would highly recommend this exhibit. It will only be at the Sam Noble Museum for a few more days. 

Winged Tapestries: Moths at Large
Saturday, January 26th, 2019 2:51pm to Sunday, May 12th, 2019 2:51pm
Sam Noble Museum
2401 Chautauqua Ave.
Norman, OK 73072-7029
(405) 325-4712
Prices from: $8.00

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