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"A Vote for Meade is a Vote for Weed" campaign video released Friday

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OK-5 congressional candidate Tyson Meade shoves a marijuana cigarette in the "mouth" of President Trump in just-released campaign video.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – In a new campaign video, released Friday, Democrat and 5th Congressional District primary candidate Tyson Meade uses a Shepard Fairey-esque “MAGA” poster of President Donald Trump to drive home his support of marijuana legalization.

This decidedly gonzo video begins with Meade - a trained educator - strumming his guitar in a funky outdoor location. He then addresses the camera, introducing himself as both the frontman for the 90's-era alternative rock band Chainsaw Kittens and now a candidate for U.S. Congress.

“I believe in Medicare for all. Fully-funded public education.  And a living wage. I ask you, to vote for me on June 26th, so together we can make a change in Oklahoma. Thank you.”

Meade then puts down his guitar, gets out of his chair and picks up a chainsaw (get it?) and is about to take it to the Trump “MAGA” poster. But then he quietly changes his mind - grinning knowingly – shakes his head and instead pokes a hole where Trump’s mouth is and then lights a "joint." He takes a puff and sticks it in Trump’s mouth, demonstrating his peaceful, progressive nature. After all he wants to go to Congress to help "Make America LOVE again."

Meade, a proud progressive, has been vocal about marijuana legalization during his brief and underfunded campaign. All the while, Meade has been fun-loving, upbeat and following Hunter S. Thompson's 1970 "Freak" campaign when the gonzo journalist ran for sheriff of Pitkin County, Colorado and used humor and wit in his ultimately doomed campaign in the Rocky Mountain hamlet of Aspen.

Meade is a big fan of the writings and style of the late, literary giant.

“I’m Tyson Meade. And I approve of this message.”

The end of the video includes the message: “A Vote for Meade is a Vote for Weed.”

On the June 26th ballot, along with Meade's name, will be State Question 788 which would allow Oklahomans the option to approve medical cannabis, an issue that has been attacked by a well-funded, hard-right and corporate opposition, including hysterical, anti-788 stories and editorials from the local "newspaper of record" The Fat City Times. 

Trump-supporting reactionaries of varying stripes have also come out against medical marijuana, despite the many official reports and first-hand testimonies from those who swear by it.

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