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Tancredo calls for impeachment of Obama and Holder at OKC rally

Liz Burleson / Red Dirt Report
Former Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado was in Oklahoma City Thursday participating in an anti-Eric Holder rally.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Although he is campaigning for governor in his native Colorado, controversial political figure Tom Tancredo, a former member of U.S. Congress, spoke at Thursday afternoon’s Victory Rally for America, protesting Attorney General Eric Holder, who cancelled his planned visit to Oklahoma City at the last minute.

The event, put together by High Noon Club’s Bob Dani, was organized when it was quietly announced that Holder – a lightning rod for conservatives – was scheduled to speak Thursday afternoon at the graduation of the Oklahoma City Police Department’s Recruit Class #131 at First Church in downtown Oklahoma City.

But, as the protesters told Red Dirt Report, the “cowardly” attorney general - best known for his connection to the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal and his contempt of Congress in 2012 – “chickened out” and opted not to make the trip to Oklahoma City after all, an outcome this right-wing crowd viewed as a victory.

“Eric Holder didn’t come because he knew we were out here,” thundered Dani as he stood firm against the stiff Oklahoma breeze.

As for an official statement from Holder’s office, there were few details on the about face.

“(Attorney General Holder) extends his heartfelt congratulations to the cadets and their families,” said Holder’s spokesman Brian Fallon to The Washington Times, adding that Holder simply could not “attend in person.”

But Dani and his fellow activists did show up outside the Oklahoma City National Memorial, across the street from First Church, as did politicians like State Reps. Paul Wesselhoft and Mike Turner and a fiery pastor named James Taylor, among others – including Tancredo, a politician best known for his hardline stance on illegal immigration.

“Nobody should be surprised by what is happening in this nation,” Tancredo told Red Dirt Report following his speech before dozens of sign-holding and flag-waving conservative activists who reiterated that they were there not to dishonor the police and the graduating cadets, but to honor them.

Continuing, the solid fiscal and social conservative said: “Nobody should be surprised we have someone (President Obama) who is destroying the Constitution, step-by-step, methodically, because he promised us he would do that when he ran, Obama said that he would fundamentally transform America.

“Well, how the hell do you do that?” Tancredo rhetorically asked. “How he does it is that he destroys the Constitution, creates a socialist system and so we shouldn’t be surprised by him and we shouldn’t be surprised by Eric Holder, who refuses to uphold the law and trashes the Constitution,” Tancredo said. “So why should anybody be surprised at this?”

The linking of the president and his attorney general is “red meat” for this crowd who held signs calling Holder a “tyrant,” as well as calling for Holder’s imprisonment.

“And the problem is, if you don’t impeach him, if you don’t impeach both the president and the attorney general, what you have done is you have established precedence for the next ‘dictator-in-chief.’ Because how could you hold the next guy more accountable than the former, if no one had the guts to bring impeachment because he’s the first black president – which is certainly one reason why it has not happened – then you cannot be surprised if the next one and the next one and the next one just carries it one more step and we truly lose our freedom. It’s actually that serious.”

Losing our freedoms, Tancredo said, is “absolutely a distinct possibility,” and because the situation is so perilous, he urged Congress to follow through with impeachment proceedings.

As for Tancredo’s “future plans,” he told Red Dirt Report that his plans will be determined June 24, 2014 when Colorado holds its Republican primary. Tancredo’s campaign slogan, ironically enough, given his unpopularity among Latinos, is the very libertarian “Viva Tancredo: Live Your Own Life.”

“And if I survive that then I will go against Gov. Hickenlooper,” he said with a smile before being hurried off by an assistant.

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