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SIGN HERE: Oklahoma's Libertarians look to give voters another choice in '16 election

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
Signature-gathering volunteer Andy Jacobs was recently at the Uptown 23rd Farmer's Market gathering signatures to get the LP on the Oklahoma ballot.
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EDMOND, Okla. -- Ask anybody in the streets of Oklahoma their thoughts on the Oklahoma Libertarian Party and you are likely to get the response that they didn’t know there was a Libertarian Party in Oklahoma.

The fact is that, yes, there is a Libertarian Party in Oklahoma. 

Unfortunately, those in charge down on 23rd and Lincoln have made it next to impossible for anybody to know about them. The Libertarian Party in Oklahoma has attempted for decades to gain official recognition in the State of Oklahoma and this upcoming election cycle just may be the year that they finally get the job done.

The last year that a Libertarian was on the ballot in the State of Oklahoma was 2000, when Harry Browne ran as a Libertarian against Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore. Ever since that election, the powers that be have decided that Oklahomans would be better off if they only had two choices on the Presidential ballot.

But do Oklahomans really just want two choices? Are Oklahomans really the same typical Coke or Pepsi political crowd? Not if the polls on party registration are any indication. In recent years, the percentage of people registering as Independents has been climbing while the percentage of people registering as Republicans and Democrats has been declining.

In fact, it has gotten so bad for the two major parties that the Oklahoma Democratic Party recently passed a resolution to allow Independents to vote in their primary elections.

It has become all by apparent that the two-party system is broken and Oklahomans are looking for another choice. The voters have gotten tired of the axiom that the government is the answer to all of society’s ills and they want a reduction in the size of government. They have grown weary of the government’s assault on individual liberty and constant surveillance into their private lives.

More than that, they want more choices at the ballot box.

To help make this a reality, the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma has been gathering signatures to gain official recognition in the State of Oklahoma and get their party on the ballot in 2016.

On March 6, 2015, the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma filed their intent to form a new political party and began gathering signatures on a petition that would allow them to give Oklahomans another voting choice next November.  The required number of signatures in order to gain this official recognition is 24,745.

This year, the National Libertarian Party has stepped in to help by donating $60,000 so that the local party can hire signature gathering workers to complement the volunteers that are seen all around the state gathering up signatures.

The Oklahoma Libertarian Party has even partnered up with the Green Party of Oklahoma to combine their efforts to get each other on the ballot to increase the number of choices available to Oklahoma’s voters.

The deadline to gather the almost 25,000 signatures is March 1, 2016.

For those not wishing to seek out signature gatherers, the party has even made the petition available to download and print online on their website.  If interested, you can download that petition at

So if you are one of the several thousand citizens of Oklahoma that don’t like their options that the Republicans or Democrats have churned out and would like another choice, you can get involved by helping the Libertarian Party right here in Oklahoma get on the ballot and help spread the message of limited government and liberty for all.

For more information you can visit their website at or on their Facebook page  You can also contact the Chairman of the OKLP at

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