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Keeping an eye on Michael Brooks-Jimenez

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Michael Brooks-Jimenez. Keep an eye on him in the future.
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OKLAHOMA CITY -- In Ted Morgan’s first volume  of  his  biography of Winston Churchill, “Young Main In a Hurry” he writes  of Churchill’s first run for the  British Parliament in 1899 for the constituency of Oldham.

While Churchill lost that election, Morgan notes that he had made a good showing in a district that had not  sent many members of his Tory Party to Parliament and he  had proven to be a formidable and energetic campaigner.

And a somewhat similar observation could be about Michael Brooks-Jimenez’s t defeat last year in his race for the Oklahoma State Senate.

Brooks-Jimenez made a good showing in Oklahoma Senate District 44 in a contest that pitted him against an incumbent Republican Senator Ralph Shortey, in an election year cycle that elected many Oklahoma Republicans to office.

Shortey is perhaps best known as the Oklahoma legislator who introduced a bill several years ago to ban the use of human fetuses in food products made in the state.

Brooks-Jimenez, who is the father of two school age children, campaigned on the need to reform Oklahoma’s education system and to improve the state’s economy, and he recently said that he still believes that those issues are not being adequately addressed by Oklahoma’s leaders.

The former candidate has returned to the law firm that he founded and bears his name that has offices in both south Oklahoma City and Tulsa that provides legal representation to clients in a wide variety of areas.

“Don’t blame, I am from Massachusetts” was a slogan that began to appear on bumper stickers in 1973 as the Watergate scandal that would eventually drive President Richard Nixon from office began to unfold.

Massachusetts, you may recall, was the only state that Nixon’s 1972 Democratic opponent, Sen. George McGovern (D-SD), carried. It has been reported that comparable statements  are  being  expressed by voters who cast their votes for  Brooks- Jimenez as Senator  Ralph Shortey has become one  of  presidential candidate Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters in Oklahoma and stood on the platform with him when he appeared  at the Oklahoma State Fair earlier this year . 

That support has raised questions as to the senator’s political judgment, since District 44  has a large  Spanish speaking  population and pinatas featuring Donald Trump can now be purchased in stores throughout the nation  that cater to Hispanics.

The late Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post columnist and author David Broder once wrote of a colleague who foolishly threw out his file on Richard Nixon after Nixon lost his race for California’s governor to Democrat Pat Brown in 1962.

And it is possible that a political obituary of Michael Brooks-Jimenez written after his defeat last year may be equally foolhardy.

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