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FOUL BALL: Mary Fallin ignores grieving Native mother to play basketball with Kevin Durant
Gov. Mary Fallin pals around with local NBA star Kevin Durant.
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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Last week, Red Dirt Report previewed the Justice for Mah-Hi-Vist Goodblanket Rally, a Native-led protest that was determined to not only bring to light and create awareness for Mah-Hi-Vist Goodblanket, an unarmed teen shot multiple times by Custer County Sheriffs, but the numerous other acts of statewide violence against citizens, all perpetrated by law enforcement.

Many Natives who planned to attend the rally, which occurred at the Oklahoma State Capitol last Friday, had high hopes that this was going to be a turning point in relations with the notoriously Native-hostile Gov. Mary Fallin, as a meeting was scheduled with Fallin’s general counsel, a meeting which would have permitted the Goodblanket family to discuss their grievances on a personal level, appealing to Fallin’s humanity, mother-to-mother.

That hope was short-lived, however: Fallin’s office canceled the meeting the day before the event.

The speculation as to what Fallin canceled the meeting for was rampant, with the idea that it had to be something of the utmost state importance to no-show for a meeting with a heartbroken mother, open wounds from the murder of her son still fresh as ever.

“It has come to my attention that during the Police Brutality Rally in OKC on the 26th of September, 2014, that our Governor Mary Fallin was right around the corner doing another one of her campaign appearances; I believe it was a Health and Fitness program for children, with a guest appearance by Kevin Durant from OKC Thunder,” activist Tushka Hill said. “Now this is all well and good for her to be sponsoring such an event, however, her blatant disregard for other serious issues, such as police brutality, is a slap in the face to those that are directly affected by the issue. She was literally right around the corner—not ‘around the corner’ like ‘down the road,’ but ‘around the corner’ like “on the other side of the building.”

So, basically, as Natives and other minorities, affected by police brutality were looking for justice, Fallin, within short walking distance, ignored them, instead preferring to shoot hoops with noted R*dskins sycophant Kevin Durant.

“It's not surprising that Gov. Fallin chose to ignore the voice of Oklahoma's indigenous citizens. It's not surprising that Gov. Fallin chose to ignore the issue of Police Brutality or to address the concerns of victims and their families. Her indifference to the issues that concern Oklahoma citizens, it's not surprising,” Johnnie Jae, Midwest Regional Director at Native Max Magazine, lamented. “What is surprising is the callousness of Fallin's choice to dance and play, just feet away from a mother whose son was unjustly gunned down in his own home by deputies of the Custer Co. Sheriff's Office. What is surprising is that even though Fallin had several news outlets covering her “Get Fit Challenge” celebration, there was not one mention of the Goodblanket rally, even though they were happening just feet away from each other at the same time.”

Jae added that Fallin chose a “good time” over addressing the concerns of Oklahoma citizens at the rally and she’s not alone in this belief. At the rally, once protesters caught wind of Fallin’s lie, those that went around the building to check it out were quickly ushered away by security. It was a tactic that led many attendees to believe that, as they posted throughout the day and night on social media, to Fallin, “Native lives don’t matter.”

“Melissa Goodblanket and many other wonderful people spoke about the need for equality and justice in this state. They talked about the bad treatment of Natives who are deeply vested in the welfare of our communities, but Mary Fallin again cancelled an opportunity to speak with them for even a moment,”

Jennie Stockle, Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry, said. “The problem is that it is public relations that send the wrong kind of message to Native families. Our families matter just as much as anyone else's here. It is a message that says when Custer County deputies shoot a Native teen in what most of us feel is a racially motivated killing, they literally get awards. It is time for people in this state to get someone in office that really cares. It is time for the FBI to investigate this case because Fallin, and those appointed by her, have no intention of doing that.”

These activists all agree that the heart of this rally was really about one thing: justice for Mah-Hi-Vist Goodblanket. It’s an issue that mother Melissa Goodblanket was hoping to have an honest dialogue about, but, like so many Native issues in the state, it’s looking like it’s just another thing that politicians will ignore, no matter how many human lives—Native or otherwise—are ended by power-tripping cops in the meantime.

 “Gov. Mary Fallin's choice to cancel our meeting and further ignore the issues of police brutality and murder at the hands of the state systems of law enforcement gives all of us a close look at her inability to serve the people of this state. Humanity holds no political party,” Goodblanket said. “Her choices should be shameful to Oklahoma and all human beings everywhere.Gov. Fallin' s actions show that her priorities are in service of “Self” and show the avoidance of critical issues facing all Oklahomans. I question her ability to be a servant of the people of this State.”

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