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WOOLLY BULLY: Rogue Ardmore cop shoots, kills family pet; has reported "issues"

Justice for Cali Facebook page
Cali is the pit bull dog shot and killed by Ardmore PD Sgt. Brice Woolly.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – A story going viral on social media has its roots in Ardmore, Oklahoma and involves a city police officer there who has had past incidents of reckless violence.

Shotgun-slingin’ Ardmore Police Sgt. Brice Woolly is reportedly a real dog-hating prankster and alleged public menace, according to reports out today.

For instance, a "Justice for Cali" petition at, created by Jackson Parker, explains the story of bully Woolly shooting the friendly dog in a letter sent to the Ardmore Police Department and Gov. Mary Fallin: “Cali was a fun-loving, caring, peaceful family dog. On March 19, 2014, she escaped the backyard fence and was roaming through the neighborhood. A neighbor called animal control to come and retrieve the dog. The cops showed up before the animal control. When the cops pulled up, someone informed them animal control was already on their way. Officer Brice Woolley (sic) said, ‘I'm not waiting for animal control.’ He then went to his car, pulled out his shotgun and shot Cali in her neck. After he shot her, he laughed and bragged about how ‘awesome’ it looked when her collar flew off. She had done nothing to provoke the officer. She died immediately.”

This account of what allegedly happened after Woolly shot the pit bull is truly disturbing, as if the officer took gruesome pleasure in killing Cali.

The letter, which has already received thousands of signatures from outraged people, also states: “Animal control soon showed up. When he got there, Woolly informed the animal control that he had shot the dog. The animal control officer said, "We'll just write in the report that she tried to attack you and others in the neighborhood." If she was attacking him, then how did he have time to go all the way to his car and get a shotgun?”

Was animal control conspiring to file a false report?

Cali, we should note, was reportedly a docile dog. Good with family members and not aggressive. Pictures on the Facebook page show a loving pet, alongside the gory pictures of a huge hole in Cali's neck where Woolly shot Cali. Yes, the dog got out in the neighborhood and when Woolly reportedly came on the scene, it was curtains for Cali.

This particular officer has a checkered past, apparently. The police-brutality monitoring website has a shocking August 2013 report involving Woolly’s prior behavior in allegedly abusing the public. When an Ardmore resident is asked by Woolly and other cops if a certain person is at her home, she says no and when she refuses to let them in without a warrant, the woman starts closing her door and then: Sgt. Brice Woolly ran up from around the corner and kicked the door in hitting me in my skull with the door leaving me with a minor head injury. Sgt. Brice Woolly then grabbed my neck from behind and dragged me outside of my home backwards.”

Woolly goes on to verbally threaten and abuse the woman, Katherine Caples: “Sgt. Brice Woolly stated to me, “Fuck you bitch! What do you think about this? I hope you enjoy jail bitch. I’ve finally got you on something and you’re going back to prison.’ I said, ‘for what?’ Brice Woolly stated ‘Assault and Battery on a police officer.’ I believe on July 9th my home was invaded by officer Brice Woolly and the APD, while assaulting me in the process. On top of all of all the terrorism involved, I was kidnapped from my home by these officers and caged like an animal for nothing. The officers put me in a patrol car with the windows up and 100+ degree heat. They left me there for an extended period of time. After being kidnapped from my home without warrant and put in the hot vehicle, I had to kick the window out for fresh air so I could remain alive.”

Woolly shot and killed a man in Tishomingo, Oklahoma in November 2000, according to a report in The Oklahoman. Woolly claimed a meth addict named Jeff Wayne Baxter had tried to grab his gun during a confrontation. Woolly fired two shots at Baxter, killing him. Baxter was unarmed and had been upset over his relationship with his girlfriend at the time.

What is quite disturbing, in our research on Woolly, is that he has “failed multiple psychological exams requited to be a police officer,” according to

As one commenter on the petition page for Cali noted, regarding Woolly’s unprofessional behavior: “He is not only a danger to animals, but to society in general. He has a mean, cruel streak in him, and that is NEVER a quality you want in a law enforcement official who is supposed to be there to ‘protect and serve.’”

Meanwhile, according to their website, the Ardmore Police Department prides itself on “courtesy, integrity, courage and professionalism.” So far in our investigation those noble characteristics have been sorely lacking.

In fact, when Red Dirt Report called the Ardmore Police Department this morning seeking comment from the chief of police, the female dispatcher said he wasn’t available. When we asked for a media spokesperson, we were told their office had none available. When we asked if anyone was working, she said “it’s the weekend.” When we asked if the city was essentially “lawless” and there were no police officers on duty, she responded: “Sure.” And when we asked if we could quote her on that, she said, “Sure.”

At that point, it was clear to us that the department’s purported “courtesy” and “professionalism” were out the window. After all, in the letter, the writers indicate that the Ardmore Police Department “is known for sweeping many cases under the rug.”

From reports we have read in researching this story, it appears that the troubled Ardmore Police Department is embracing some sort of “siege mentality” right now and not talking to media. With the rise of a “militarized police” around America (as we noted in our recent review of Radley Balko’s book Rise of the Warrior Cop), the us-vs-them mentality is rife in departments around the country – as appears to be the case in Ardmore.

We tried contacting staff at Ardmore’s daily newspaper, The Ardmoreite, but have not received a return call. There is no story about the shooting of Cali on the paper’s website and comments left on the Justice for Cali Facebook page indicate that the local media in southern Oklahoma is not interested in reporting on this outrageous story. The public in Ardmore and Carter County, however, has been supportive of Cali's family and seeking justice, as was evidenced by a well-attended "walk" for Cali, according to event organizer Jackson Parker.

Red Dirt Report has reached out to Cali's family and is looking to speak with the District Attorney Craig Ladd and Attorney General Scott Pruitt in the coming week, as we suspect a full investigation is necessary to uncover the obvious problems within the APD. We will continue to monitor this story and we hope to have an update soon.

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