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Will Randall Terry be "the man who causes Obama's defeat?"

Andrew W. Griffin / Red Dirt Report
Democratic presidential candidate Randall Terry talks to the media from the comfort of his campaign RV (3/1/12)
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Randall Terry, the man
who could cause Obama’s defeat, is denied an interview by a mid-sized Oklahoma

Part 2

SHAWNEE, Okla. – Walking into the office of the Shawnee News-Star on Thursday morning,
Democratic presidential candidate and ardent pro-life activist Randall Terry
was looking to keep his scheduled interview with a  reporter at the newspaper.

Stepping inside, Terry was startled by the set-up of office.
Approximately five desks, with five women, with one at each desk, were positioned in
a  sort of semi-circle facing the front
entrance that made his entrance a little jarring, as if each person was
suddenly on display.

But Randall Terry, being a bit of a jokester, took the
situation in stride and said in a faux British “Oliver Twist” voice, “I’m
sorry, is this the inquisition?”

It was an example of Terry’s humorous side. His ability to roll
with whatever came his way. The ladies, assumedly advertising employees,
chuckled and Terry proceeded to ask for the reporter. The reporter wasn’t in,
they told him. Terry then asked for the editor, Mike McCormick. He wasn’t
available either. Was anybody working in the newsroom, we wondered?

Terry looked a little disappointed but not entirely
surprised. When Terry and his campaign assistant Andrew Beacham rolled down
Bell Street in downtown Shawnee in their 1994 Winnebago Adventurer, with a
fetus-festooned “Terry for President” placard tacked to the side – a Pottawatomie
County Sheriff’s deputy in a patrol car looking warily at the RV – it was hard
enough just to find a parking space.

So, taking up a space or three, Terry had wheeled in front
of the News-Star newspaper office.
Like an old man telling kids to keep off his lawn, publisher Brian Blansett
comes out and tells Terry to move the RV into the side parking lot because “old
people” like to park up front.

But Terry had a scheduled appointment. He and Beacham waited
out in the RV in the News-Star
parking lot waiting for the reporter to call him back. He seemed perplexed that
the reporter didn’t let him know he wouldn’t be there and didn’t inform one of
those lady inquisitors in the front office.

“He did say between 10 and 11,” admitted Terry, giving the
reporter an out.

But as the time passed, it was clear this reporter wasn’t
going to show up and the interview was not going to happen.

Terry said that his candidacy and message have been warmly
received not only by Oklahoma citizens but by a number of the mid-sized to
smaller newspapers that he has visited. That was until he arrived in Shawnee and
got the cold shoulder.

Often, when Terry is on the phone, introducing himself to a
reporter, he asks, “Hi. This is Randall Terry. Does my name ring a bell?”

It would seem that enough time has passed since the early
1990’s, when Terry and Operation Rescue anti-abortion actions were grabbing
headlines and Terry was thrown in jail countless times and was the bane of
pro-choice forces across the land.

And now he’s greeted warmly.

“I want to say, ‘Don’t you know who I am? You’re supposed to
hate me!”

Eventually Terry gets on the line with the News-Star reporter. Terry talks to him,
nods a few times and hangs up.

“He said he went to something else, I didn’t have your
number, blah, blah, blah,” he said, looking visibly annoyed.

Throwing on his sport jacket, Terry gets out of the RV and
heads back in the News-Star office
and ends up talking to both the publisher and editor. The reporter was on
another assignment. Terry later says publisher said he was simply focused on TV
ads and not newspapers.

“When he said that I told them I would be glad to put one of
my ads in their paper,” he said. “That’s when the publisher backpedaled.”

Of course the ad would be no different from the ad on TV. A
grisly photo of a dismembered, aborted baby, alongside a call from Terry for
Democrats to vote for him on March 6th.

It being an unseasonably warm day, Terry takes his sport
jacket off and sits on a seat in the RV.

“This is the first paper that said ‘no,’ so I can live with
that,” Terry said.

At the same time he still doesn't understand why a newspaper - or any media outlet, for that matter - would dismiss the idea of interviewing a presidential candidate for a few minutes. Perusing the Shawnee News-Star website, they made time for stories about a "Leap Year baby" and another about local kids gearing up for an upcoming "Math Night" competition. Some pretty wild stuff going on in Shawnee, to be sure.

Sitting there in the RV, rejected by the Shawnee News-Star, Terry starts placing
calls to various media outlets. He talks to the Muskogee Phoenix (they were heading there later in afternoon), he
talks to several other media outlets. He talks to The Oklahoman and gets contact information for their D.C. reporter
Chris Casteel. He learns that The
’s Capitol beat reporter, Michael McNutt, will be covering a press
conference at the Capitol at 1:30 p.m., held by a pro-life group that is
pushing for a “personhood” ballot initiative.

When one reporter answers Terry’s call, he is asked how he’s
doing. Terry replies, smiling all the while: “Pretty good for a poor white boy
running against a rich, black president.”

Terry later says that he likes to have a lighthearted report
with reporters and get a sense of where they are coming from. He says that he
has met two kinds of journalists: those who see it as just a job and those who
have a real passion for it.

Asked if he has met Oklahoma Democratic Party officials,
Terry says he has, both in Oklahoma City and Tulsa and said they were “professional.”

And then there is the Democratic National Committee. In a
letter dated January 27, 2012, executive director Patrick Gaspard wrote to
fellow Democrats that Terry, a proclaimed “lifelong Republican,” does not meet
the requirements that the party requires to run as a “bona fide Democrat.”

Gaspard’s letter ends with this: “Mr. Terry’s claims to be a
Democratic candidate for President are false. Accordingly, he should not be
accorded the benefits of someone conducting a legitimate campaign for public office.”

Asked about the DNC reaction, Terry says with a mischievous
grin: “We were obviously scaring the hell out of them.”

As Terry explains it, he has a political plan to hobble the
Obama campaign by pulling pro-life Democrats and independents away from the
incumbent in key swing states, helping the Republican. Terry suggests that Red Dirt Report should title the article
“Randall Terry: The man who could cause Obama’s defeat.”

“They’re so enraged about us showing dead babies and they
know it’s going to hurt Obama,” Terry says.

He’s already been on the ballot in New Hampshire, Missouri
and in caucuses in Iowa and Maine. He will be a write-in candidate in North
Carolina, Virginia, and the key state of Ohio. He is pleased to say that he
got more votes than Rick Perry did in the Republican. In one race, he says, CNN
reported he got two percent of the vote. So, there is evidence that a pro-life
radical like Randall Terry has supporters out there.

His graphic ads ran in Boston because media there serves
viewers New Hampshire. His graphic ads were not well received by the Boston TV
stations, he says.

And what about the Republican candidates, we asked.

“I interviewed Rick Santorum,” Terry says. “And the guys
interviewed Newt Gingrich.”

As for Gingrich, Terry says the former Speaker of the House “was
the guy to say it should be a crime to kill the unborn.”

And because the interview didn’t come together, he had more
time to talk to Red Dirt Report. He said
he enjoyed a documentary called Winnebago Man. He said he felt the
documentarian held some things back about “Jack,” the subject of the film.
Still, since he was driving a Winnebago, he liked watching it.

Sitting at what would qualify as the RV’s kitchen table,
Andrew Beacham has set up his laptop. He then tells Terry; “I’ve got an idea
for a T-shirt – “I’m a fertilized egg and so are you.” It is assumed this was
noted because of the current "personhood" controversy that has been taking place
at the Capitol, where a bill would make the state recognize that a human is a
human at conception, a notion Terry embraces. Asked about in vitro
fertilization and contraception, he is against them both. He won’t bend on those

But he knows plenty of so-called “conservatives” and “pro-life”
folks really are those in name only. He is disgusted by weasley politicians who
say one thing and do another, or, like the late president Ronald Reagan, failed
to “stop child killing.”

He talked about prior actions against politicians. He says
he hung U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham in effigy for being so squishy and unreliable on
so many conservative issues. The Graham effigy, he said, was a piñata and that
when it was beaten, it broke open and “little babies covered in red dye”
spilled out.

After Oklahoma, Terry will head to Florida to visit his
mother and do some training down there. He looks forward to getting back to his
20-acre spread in West Virginia where he is working on having animals like
goats and hogs. Terry, always working, is also working on a hard-hitting book
on the pro-life movement and how the current, mainstream pro-life leaders are “like
vampires, living on the blood of dead babies.”

He expresses disgust with one leading pro-life group who
told activists that they could engage in a “cyber march” for the annual March
for Life in Washington.The idea of a "cyber march," disgusts him. Would the civil rights for black Americans have been achieved with a "cyber march," he asks. The same, he said, is the case with overturning Roe v. Wade and finally ending "child killing" and

“I’m not going to cheapen the babies with tawdry tricks and fundraising
gimmicks,” Terry said, showing off that uncompromising and unyielding side that
he’s known for.

But he’s only getting started. Terry calls these ineffectual,
501c3 folks “collaborators.” They are weak, he said, and children are dying.

And even that term – “abortion.” Terry despises it, really,
saying it is a “military term” that is used when someone “aborts a mission,”
for example. He prefers to say “child killing,” because it is shocking and to
the point, much like his advertisements.

“I don’t equivocate,” he said. “I used clear and cunning
rhetoric. I tell reports to quote me accurately. I don’t say ‘abortion,’ I say ‘child

Regarding that book he said he is writing on the weakened
position the pro-life movement finds itself in, Terry said he is going to “publicize
the split in the pro-life movement” and goes on to criticize several anti-abortion
leaders and activists. He then explains he will use historical references  and figures – Winston Churchill, Patrick
Henry and William Lloyd Garrison – and offer examples where they did not
compromise, doing what they had to do to attain their goals.

Even after he leaves Oklahoma and his Saturday night rally
in Broken Arrow with Ann Coulter, Terry will be campaigning in other states,
with his dream of ending “child killing” at the forefront of everything he

Terry says he will be on the ballot in New Jersey and is
buying ads in New York City and Philadelphia markets since New Jersey doesn’t have
their own.

And talking to reporters while sitting in the RV, Terry, who
jokes about not eating much since hitting the campaign trail, uses humor while
getting to the heart of the matter.

“I need funds to run against Obama,” Terry said in a phone

Terry repeatedly notes his campaign website – – his support
by Ann Coulter and his prior notoriety. He gives Red Dirt Report an Insurrecta Nex study guide, several books and a
copy of his 2003 country/rock CD Dark
Sunglasses Day
. It’s got a smooth, sort of beach country sound that Kenny
Chesney fans might find appealing. Heck, he managed to hire guitar virtuoso
Phil Keaggy to provide some guitar licks here and there. The production is decent and songs like the naughty "Let Those Cookies Burn" are worth a listen, if only to hear something a little humorous from a guy who can come across as a bit overly serious at times.

Noting the largely Christian, conservative population in
Oklahoma, and its support of the 2nd Amendment, Terry is confident
that as word spreads between now and Tuesday about this candidacy, message and potential
impact on Obama’s success here and elsewhere, he thinks they will strongly
consider him come Super Tuesday.

“Any place where Democrats could rebuke Obama, it’s here in
Oklahoma,” Terry says. “The Obama agenda has betrayed these people.”

To read Part 1 of this story, click here.

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