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As Russian troops march in Ukraine, the West slowly reacts

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Troops, reported to be Russian, march in Ukraine following the fascist coup in Kiev last week.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – In early January, during a vacation in Colorado Springs, I met a Ukrainian woman who was happily married and living in the U.S. She was very open to talking about her previous life in the Ukraine and how she – from the western Ukraine, near the Polish border – was very much a pro-EU and pro-West Ukrainian.

She explained that sentiments are far different in eastern Ukraine where folks there are very proud to be in the Russian orbit and do not see Vladimir Putin as a threat.

Clearly it is a divided nation, as we are now seeing play out on the global stage as a military crisis of unprecedented proportions unfolds in Ukraine. Some say this is the worst military crisis in Europe since the end of World War II and that the West and President Obama have underestimated Putin and the lengths he will go to keep Ukraine following a fascist coup in Kiev last week.

After all, Putin brushed aside Obama’s demands, during a 90-minute phone call, where the U.S. president insisted that Putin was in danger of violating international law and threatened severe consequences for U.S.-Russian relations, with sanctions already being discussed. This, following Russia’s take-over of the Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, where a Black Sea warm-water Russian port is located.

According to, things could get very ugly, very quickly as Moscow mobilized Russian troops, Cossacks, pro-Russian local inhabitants, and Putin’s “Night Wolves” biker gang “are reportedly working together to fortify the land bridge between Crimea and the rest of Ukraine and hold it against potential offensives by the Ukrainian military.”

And any American governmental outrage at Russia’s alleged “violation of Ukrainian sovereignty” is met with laughter and derision in Moscow in light of the U.S. war machine’s record of violating the sovereignty of nation’s they disagree with.

And now that the U.S. and EU have backed fascist forces in Kiev in their coup against the government of Viktor Yanukovych.

Right-wing, fascist thugs that belong to Ukraine’s Svoboda party are threatening to come after Russian intellectuals and “Ukrainophobes” and Jewish rabbis are instructing their congregants to consider leaving Ukraine all together.

In Britain’s Guardian newspaper, political scientists warn that an open battle between Ukraine and Russia would inevitably result in U.S. involvement and the start of a major, bloody war.

Political observer Webster Griffin Tarpley also warned on his radio program this weekend that the fascist coup in Kiev is putting the entire world in danger. 

"Nuclear armed forces may clash," Tarpley said, noting that Polish NATO troops may intervene and the whole situation spinning out of control.

And syncing with my statements about The Americans TV show and references to the Cold War and The Day After TV movie from 1983, Tarpley adds that a series of incidents, like those noted in that film starring Jason Robards, could lead to a "Day After"-like scenario, scarily enough.

As the world anxiously awaits Russia and Ukraine’s next move, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the illegal power grab in Kiev by fascist forces will ultimately lead to “a new revolution” and “new bloodshed.”

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