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Graham's "nuke-in-Charleston-harbor" scenario echoes '83 mockumentary

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Graham's "nuke talk" spooking a lot of people.
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OKLAHOMA CITY – It was exactly 30 years ago when the
disaster film Special Bulletin
focused on the notion that “a seafaring vessel transporting a 10-kiloton
nuclear warhead makes its way into a port off the coast of Charleston, South
Carolina. Terrorists aboard the ship attempt to smuggle the warhead off and
detonate it.”

And it was exactly 8 years ago when that fictional
scenario was referenced in a number of publications, including the Charleston Post & Courier, and now-defunct,
but always excellent alternative blog Spelunking
Through the Chaos

The situation? A nuclear terror drill – a “Sudden
Response nuke drill” - was suspected to go live, and possibly in the sleepy
Southern city of Charleston.

Post & Courier
noted it at the time because the alternative
media in the Summer of ’05 was very edgy and nervous about the Bush
administration’s warmongering ways and their ultimate desire to attack Iran and
they were talking about it – a lot!

And what better excuse to attack than to present a nuke
going off in Charleston Harbor and blaming it on those wascally Iranians?

Fast-forward to this week, a week rife with dark talk about WWIII. 

South Carolina’s very own
U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham – John McCain’s fearmongering, bloodthirsty sidekick –
was noted in a Charlotte, N.C. CBS report saying that “nukes in the hands of
terrorists could result in bomb coming to Charleston Harbor.”

Specifically, Graham said that “if there is no U.S.
response (to Syria), Iran will not believe America’s resolve to block Iran from
developing nuclear weapons. Graham also says those nuclear weapons in the hands
of terrorists could result in a bomb coming to Charleston Harbor.”

A scary thought. Does Graham know something we don’t? Perhaps Charleston isn't the harbor and/or city he is thinking will go up in smoke any day now. Could it be linked to murky reports of missing nukes out of Texas?

Just like the Special
mockumentary scenario presented by Marshall Herskovitz and Edward
Zwick (thirtysomething and My So-Called Life) and just like those
concerns the alternative media had just eight summers ago.

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