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Disturbing abuse allegations in Colt Clark case

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Colt Clark has been reported missing since April 20, 2006.
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SEMINOLE, Okla. – Court records filed Tuesday in the Levi “Colt” Clark case now reveal disturbing abuse allegations.

September 29, 2015, just days after Red Dirt Report published a story on Colt, his older brother Homer Austin Clark contacted Seminole County Sheriff Office and divulged what he says happened to his younger brother. The case was then reopened with the assistance of OSBI. Rex and Rebecca Clark were arrested Friday morning and are in jail awaiting charges on murder in the first degree and child abuse complaints.

The arrest warrant accusations paint a grim picture of what life was like in the home of Rex and Rebecca Clark. Homer stated that after he and Colt were adopted in 2003 by their aunt and uncle, the home environment changed drastically. Beatings were regular; one was so severe that Homer reported he passed out and woke up in a pool of his own blood.

Homer accused Rebecca Clark of slapping them in the face with her hand, injuring them more because of the rings she wore. He further claimed that she would hit them with a broom handle so hard the handle would break.

Homer accused Rex Clark of hitting him and his brother with his fists in the head, chest and ribs. The older brother also said Rex sometimes would whip them with extension cords and would allegedly use an electric cattle prod to shock their genitals. Homer told investigators this would often happen while they slept.

The abuse allegedly grew worse after the Clarks removed them from Seminole Public Schools to “homeschool” them. According to the search warrant, Homer said he told some family children about the abuse, but after his adoptive parents found out, he claimed they beat them for hours.

“After being beat for hours,” the search warrant affidavit reads, “Homer decided he would never tell anyone about the abuse again.”

The days leading up to Colt’s disappearance

One evening in early March 2006, Homer said the Clarks accused Colt of stealing a ring. Homer stated he heard his brother being slapped and beaten in the Clark’s bedroom. He said he heard his brother scream and cry. When Homer entered the room, he said Colt’s face was swollen and “black and blue.”

Homer’s testimony to authorities shows that the beating allegedly went on for hours. At approximately 2:30 a.m. Homer awoke. The TV was on in the living room and Colt was covered up by a green army sleeping bag on the couch. “Colton was facing the TV. Homer saw Colton’s face was black and blue. Homer did not know if Colton was breathing or not. Homer walked by and went back to bed,” court records show.

According to the arrest warrant, Homer said he woke up at 5:15 a.m. to find his brother gone. The sleeping bag was gone and Rex Clark was dressed in his Carhartt clothes and boots and that Rex was not usually up that early. Homer told authorities that when he couldn’t find his brother and began to cry in fear for Colt’s life, Rex “kicked him in the stomach.”

Homer said he asked them to call the police. “Rex and Rebecca told Homer if the police ever came, Homer better tell police he didn’t know where Colton went. Rex told Homer if he ever told anyone anything, Rex would kill Homer…Homer was brainwashed to tell that Homer ran away,” the affidavit states.

Homer told investigators he was “forced to keep journals…told what to write…and was threatened with physical violence if he did not write what he was told.”  

The beating occurred sometime early March 2006, but Colt’s disappearance was not reported until April 20, 2006.

Problems from the start

After the beating, a DHS worker tried several times to see Colt at the Clark home. The affidavit shows the Clarks told Homer to say that his brother was at his grandmother’s house when the worker arrived. The worker told the Clarks she would come back and “Colt needed to be there.”

April 20, 2006 Rebecca Clark called the police saying Colt had run away.

Several things didn’t add up that day when police responded. The Clarks immediately referred to Colt in the past tense. In spite of their story that Colt had run away through a window, scent dogs did not detect any trace of Colt outside the home. His favorite boots and his coat were still in the home. He did not tell Homer he was running away.

SCSO Investigator David Hansen told Red Dirt Report in September that a massive ground and aerial search were not successful. SCSO Sheriff Shannon said they did find a receipt from a local hardware supply store that showed Rex purchased items that could be used to dispose a body. Hansen said that Rex Clark seemed unconcerned about Colt. 

The Clarks initially agreed to a lie detector test, but later refused and stopped cooperating with the SCSO’s investigation.

Early warning signs

Information in the arrest affidavit shows there were early warning signs. Director of Bethesda Counseling in Norman, Sandra Wellman met with Investigator Hansen in October 2015. Wellman was Homer’s counselor in 2006. She reported to Hansen that on one occasion Homer had black eyes. On Homer’s last visit, he told her the days he missed appointments was because of the Clark’s beatings and they didn’t “want her to see the marks.”

“Rex and Rebecca would tell Homer things that happened to him. It seemed like Homer was confused about what was real and what wasn’t. Ms. Wellman did not know whether to believe the adults or Homer. All of the stories seemed, ‘outlandish.’ Ms. Wellman thought the stories that Homer told her were either true or he had been told the stories by someone else. A boy of Homer’s age would have no way of knowing stories like these without some form of knowledge,” the affidavit shows.

In 2011, a person whose name has been redacted from court records, was interviewed by OSBI. The person rented a small trailer from the Clarks and stated that Rex and Rebecca would talk about Colt, calling him a “dope pusher, a thief and a queer.” The tenant reported the Clarks said, “wherever Colton was he deserves to be dead,” the affidavit shows.

The case builds

After the SCSO reopened the case in September 2015, new interviews with others who came forward show even more disturbing allegations against Rex Clark.

OSBI interviewed a female January 2016. Her name was also redacted in the affidavit. She accused Rex Clark of sexually abusing her for several years, forcing her to watch him interact sexually with a horse and a dog, then later forcing her to cooperate.

“______ lived in fear of Rex. She could not have friends as a child because Rex would try to molest her friends,” the affidavit states.

From February 2016 to March, investigators conducted interviews with former teachers, counselors, principals, and others that appear to substantiate Homer’s testimony about the abuse and what may have happened to Colt. Investigators obtained records on March 28, 2016 as the result of an attorney general grand jury, including medical, mental health and school records.

“Based on the investigation conducted by investigators, I believe the substantial facts concerning the death of Colton as detailed by Homer have been confirmed,” the affidavit states and is signed by Hansen.

An ongoing search of the property began Friday after Rex and Rebecca were arrested. OSBI, FBI, U.S. Secret Service, and local jurisdictions all offered resources. “The resources on this are incredible,” SCSO Investigator Hanson said. “We have hundreds of hours on this.”

Last year, Hansen said the case had haunted investigators and the Wewoka County communities. “It’s one of those cases that never leaves you.” 

The Clarks bond has been set at $3 million each. It is not known if either have retained counsel. 

Photos by Red Dirt Report's Mindy Ragan Wood.

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