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Christina Fallin: "What is appropriate? What is culture?"

Christina Owen / Special to Red Dirt Report
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OKLAHOMA CITY – Since Red Dirt Report’s Louis Fowler broke the story this past weekend about Christina Fallin’s controversial and offensive musical performance at the Norman Music Festival, he has been gathering additional information for a follow-up story.

Numerous media outlets have covered the story this past week. And of course we continue to monitor the story and report information as soon as it is received.

The side story to Xtina & SHEEP-gate is the recent firing of Kliph Scurlock, long-time drummer for The Flaming Lips, a band based here in Oklahoma City. Scurlock, reportedly back in his native Kansas, has made a few statements about his firing as it relates to his opinionated ways and Red Dirt Report has reached out to him with the hope of finally setting the record straight.

The latest article getting attention, Gawker’s “How the Flaming Lips lost a drummer over Native American appropriation,” written by Jordan Sargent, lends more information on the matter and includes information on former Flaming Lips Kliph Scurlock who admitted (via Indian Country Today Media Network) that he was “fired for telling Christina to go f%&* herself after her lame-ass ‘apology’ when people got upset at her stupid headdress photo.”

Scurlock's former boss, Wayne Coyne, has not said much since the controversy erupted. 

Additionally, Indian Country Today Media Network’s Osage/Cherokee reporter Wilhelm Murg, has a wide-ranging interview with Christina Fallin in a piece headlined “Christina Fallin, in Her Own Words: ‘I’m tired of the Misinformation.’”

Below is a sample of the interview where Fallin tells Murg that she didn’t think what she was doing was offensive …and how stimulating her boyfriend/bandmate Steven Battles is …

“I don't live my life worrying about things like cultural appropriation -- that's why I didn't know. I travel around the world, I buy things from different countries and cultures and they are incorporated into my day-to-day wear. No one has ever told me that that is wrong. I don't believe multi-culturalism should be feared because I am a person of this earth, not the culture I was raised in. I'm always looking for ways to expose other cultures to Oklahoma because it's important since we're not a hugely international state. So after my boyfriend and I learned about cultural appropriation, he put it on our Pink Pony Facebook page with the caption "appropriate culturation" as part of a dialogue. A dialogue about: What is appropriate? What is culture? What is culturation? We just made that word up, but what is it?”

What is it, indeed!

Disappointingly, Fallin sounds spoiled, defensive and confused in this interview. But read the article for yourself.

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